Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Nails in Gumdrop Gold

Today, I have one of my definite spring colors to show, and while that is going to get the attention it deserves soon, for this post, it's been paired up with some gold.
Initially, the plan was to make some pretty gold flowers on this blue but once I started making the pattern, I realized it wouldn't look half as bad as just gold splatter. So that's what I ended up going for.

The color underneath is Orly Gumdrop and over it is my very random Farmasi gold polish that seems to get the job done better than most golds.
I think it ended up looking much more optimistic and sunny this way, than if I would have started making flowers. It's more light and airy and you can either look at it as a mutant leopard or as mutant clouds. The mutant part is still there but methinks it looks really pretty.

What do you say? Turquoise ( because it is more turquoise than it looks) and gold seem to work quite well in this case, do you agree?

And speaking of blues, here's the creations of the rest of the ladies!

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