Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week In Pictures - London Edition

As you might know, I've been on the island again and loved it...again! Well, now I'm back with photographic evidence, as you do.

1. Parliament Hill, incredible views! 2. The first meal 3. Chillin in the surprisingly hot british sun
4. I'm addicted to that thing and found a liter bottle! 5. The more northern the line, the higher the caffeine intake 6. Made up by having caffeine free breakfast next 
7. Primrose Hill, which fast became my absolute favorite place 8. Oh you know, just cocktails at the Tate with an AMAZING view! 9. Picnic on Primrose Hill at sunset

1. Soho time! 2. Basically, I got this because of the name 3. Random creativity with liquorice
4. One of my favorite views 5. Beautiful London 6. I might have overdosed on Starbucks,yes
7. Trying to cover up the Shard with my straw...yeah... 8. For the sake of it: the hotel where Lady Gaga was, that we accidentally bumped into 9. My last London sunrise

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