Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Spring Lips Selection

I seldom get the urge to use proper lip colour like I do when spring starts. It probably has something to do with wanting to be as bright as the sunshine and the blossoming flowers.
That is why I figured I'd show you some of my "most used" at this point.

Golden Rose - Topshop Lip Bullet - Topshop Lip Crayon swatches spring lips

Let's start with the more surprising addition to the collection, Golden Rose in Shade 40. It's an interesting sandy nude that, to my surprise looks quite nice on me. My lips are that colour that alter any lipstick shade to their liking, distorting it just enough for the lipstick to not look like in "the bottle"anymore, so when I find something that works ok with said distortion, I'm very very glad.

Then of course, my long time favourite, the Topshop Lip Bullet in There She Goes. You'll see in the swatches below that it's quite sheer, but it gives a lovely pinkish coral tint that makes me look quite healthy.
Still from Topshop, another old favourite, is the matte Lip Crayon in Coy. I just LOVE this shade and surprisingly, it looks nice even on my still pale skin. Not to mention the fact that it lasts until forever and beyond. 
I'm just sad that Topshop didn't come out with a wider range of colours for these Lip Crayons, as the deep fuchsia and the Morticia red they have to offer, among others, are not really my thing. But keeping my fingers crossed that more shades are on their way!

And as promised, here's some swatches for you.

Golden Rose - Topshop Lip Bullet - Topshop Lip Crayon swatches

Left to right: Golden Rose - Topshop Lip Bullet - Topshop Lip Crayon

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  1. Really love the shade of the matte lip crayon!




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