Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nails of Halloween Past

bloody nails nail manicure halloween essie hip anema swatch
I said I was going to give you a more in depth look at my bloody Halloween nails, and voila!
I have been wanting to do this manicure for the longest time. Last autumn, for Fashion Week, I remember seeing it at one of the runway shows, and yeah, it only took me a year to do it.
Truth is, it is a pretty theme specific manicure, as running around with bloody nails for say...Christmas or people's birthdays might not be the best idea. Same goes for the office. Are you sure your boss will like you pointing to reports with that? Well, he might, but then he's awesome. Like mine.

Enough about my awesome boss and let's discuss blood.
The office is the actual place where this happened and I'm sorta surprised it turned out so well. Initially, I wanted to do the drips with a needle, but the brush itself proved to be much more effective.
Blood is the color Essie Hip-Anema and apart from it being one of my favorite colors, it looks pretty realistic, doesn't it?
Have you ever tried doing such a manicure?

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  1. Imi place si fara sa aiba vreo legatura! :)

  2. Really cool but then again I Always like your nails:))



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