Friday, November 2, 2012

Catrice Allround Concealer

While I was in the drugstore being pleasantly surprised that I found This Lovely Cream Blush , I also spotted a concealer palette from Catrice. I liked that there were a number of options in that palette for what seem to be all your concealing needs.

catrice allround concealer

It comes with green,pink and three beige tones.

The Beige covers imperfections
The Pink conceals dark circles
The Green neutralises redness

I don't have much use for the green, but I figured I'd give good ol' pink a try

catrice allround concealer
 The bad thing is that it doesn't come with a brush or applicator of any sort, but I used a small,flat make-up brush to apply it and it worked perfectly.

To my surprise, the pink did a great job in covering dark circles. I wore it all day and even by the end of it, there was much less darkness in sight than usual.
Of course, you can't just use the pink, because you will look like you might have a highly contagious disease (although for Halloween it works just fine). I combined it with the lightest of beiges, the one closest to you in this picture.

They combined very well and I really liked how long it lasted. It is a more dry product that I'm used to from my concealer of choice, which is THIS One . The concealer I use is more creamy and more liquid, thus much more natural looking on the skin, this one is matte and dry so it has a tendency of looking a bit flakey if you haven't moisturized before applying it.

One more thing that's on the minus side, is the time it takes to apply it.
Because you need to combine it, and apply each color, it takes a bit more til you're done.Unlike the Rimmel Match Perfection , but I'd dare to say it has even better coverage than that one, because in the end you will be left with a custom made color that probably matches your skin tone better than any prefabricated shade.

Here's how my eyes looked before and after.

All in all

I was quite surprised by it to be honest. Especially for 3.99€ ! 
It covered well, and I'm a fan of making your own shade, which is very possible here. 
Also, I think the pink really works well and the fact that you can just slap on as much as you need is a plus point.
Sure, it's dry and takes a bit more to put on that I'm used to, but if I run out of concealer this is definitely one I will turn to gladly!

Have you ever tried something like this? And what is your favorite concealer?

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  1. Lovely post. I have the same concealer palette and I love it. I use the green mixed with the middle beige to cover redness around my nose. Works like a bomb! and I use the lightest one to highlite. It blends really well into the skin when you use your fingers. xx

    1. I'm pretty surprised by it,didn't expect a Catrice concealer to work so well.
      Yeah, I used my fingertips to blend it in too and even the lightest color blends so well

  2. I find it funny that when palettes of any sort have a brush people complain it's poor quality and they'd rather not have it. When it doesn't have a brush it's an issue as well haha. This looks great though, I've never owned a concealer palette, I'd definitely give it a go for if only I'd have Catrice around me.

    1. Normally,concealers come with a sort of applicator,and palettes...well you can of course use your fingers but you lose product and it's not the most hygienic way to do it either. Catrice isn't that much around in the UK,is it? It's a pity

  3. I wish they would sell it here.. :-<

    1. stiu ce zici...catrice e chiar o chestie care as vrea sa fie si aici

  4. da.. trebuie neaparat sa imi gasesc vreun dealer inafara :))



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