Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cold Weather, Hand Creme Time

I don't know about you but my hands sure feel it when the weather gets cold and the wind becomes less of a "hey there refreshing buddy!" and more of a "uh-oh,here we go again!".
And if my skin feels it, you can imagine, so do my nails.
You might think nails and skin aren't similar when you're talking moisturizing needs, but I suggest you read my post on Why nails get weak and break and rethink your strategy.

With that being said, I give you, my winter buddies!

vaseline hand cream neutrogena dry hands cream apivita handcare i love raspberry and blueberry hand cream

They are quite different from eachother, and fulfill different needs. These are the ones that I have, so I decided to show you all of them and then also tell you which is my favorite

Vaseline Hand + Stronger Nails Cream

This one also strengthens your nails. Of all four, this one is the one that is in your skin fastest and without any fatty trace. It offers instant release for sure, you might need to reapply it more though, because like I said, it's the lightest and the easiest absorbed.
I did do some extra good to my nails too. Didn't make them incredibly strong but helped with keeping them a bit more happy.

Neutrogena Handcreme

These guys know what they're doing. If it's based on a danish,or any Nordic recipe, I'm gonna trust that you know your way around the cold.
When it comes to efficiency, this hand cream really works. It builds a protective layer on your skin while moisturizing it, so you don't worry about extra cracks.

Apivita Handcare

I believe Apivita is originally a Greek company, don't know who owns it now, but I really like the packaging,don't you?
This one also gets the job done, it just leaves a bit more of a fatty residue and you feel the need to reapply it a bit more.

I Love....Raspberry and Blackberry handcream

My precious! The bast for last, as you do. It's been in my October Favorites and I foresee it staying in favorites for the months to come. As far as quality, it rivals Neutrogena ( if not even surpasses), which is a big deal. Now add an incredible smell of berries to that and no parabens!
Of all hand creams I've shown you, this one is the only one that contains no parabens, and that, you can imagine, I like a whole lotta lot!
It's been a true friend in the office, where the air is a bit too dry for comfort.

So these are mine, I might get more I Love... hand creams because they smell too good to be true and  I now know they're also really good.

What are your hand saviors for the cold weather?

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  1. Hey, de unde ai luat crema Vaseline? Momentan folosesc una de la Bottega Verde cu argan si iris (smells amazing), dar as vrea sa o incerc si pe cea de la Vaseline..

    1. Din olanda am luat-o,si din fericire ma tine destul de mult. Bine,avand in vedere ca folosesc 4 deodata ar fi si culmea sa se termine :))
      Dar dupa parerea mea, I Love... e chiar mai buna si o gasesti la Douglas



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