Monday, January 14, 2013

Blue Polka Dot Nail Time

From the first time I did polka dots, I realized that they are my favorite things to have on my nails.

So today, in honor of the Monday blues we're doing, I made some blue on blue polka dots.Only after starting, I realized my trusty dotting tool was nowhere to be found so I used other alternatives. It will explain why the dots look less healthy than usual.

Each time I wear Essie Bobbing for Baubles I become more and more impressed with it. It is such a gorgeous color! And it just makes my hand look great whatever the length of my nails.
Speaking of my nails, they've been feeling particularly breaky over the past couple of weeks. Might be the fact that I'm swimming again and soaking them in chlorine,or the fact that it's a whole new kind of cold outside and I'm not a glove wearer. Either way, I need to fix them a bit and get them longer.

The polishes I used are Essie Bobbing For Baubles and W7 Baby Blue.
They really look good together and I'm starting to think that you can use this Essie polish for anything and would still look great.
Bobbing for Baubles is the new black for me. Definitely.

And if you want to see more blue nails, I do suggest you check out the other ladies going for Monday blues

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  1. Your so creative! I just bought my first Essie Nail polish online so I can't wait to test them out. Did you enter my Michael Kors giveaway yet? Would love it if you could check it out :)

  2. Bobbing for Baubles is GORGEOUS! Lovely nails xx

  3. How I love polka dots!! I like these two colors together.

  4. They look so pretty! That light blue is my favourite colour :) xx

  5. These are fab, your dots are so even that's always my problem!
    Love the colour combo too :)

  6. Cute nails!



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