Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Glitter Glory

G'day children of the Monday.Like most of you, I too am craving a bit of  blue skies and sunshine. Luckily enough, there has been plenty over the week-end, if you leave out the part about the evil wind and cold that have been lurking around. But to get the optimism going, I figured the glitter needs to be whipped out again.You might have seen the Oxblood and Gold Glitter nails  I was sporting back in autumn and might have witnessed me squeal at the prettiness of these nails . But now it's time for the spring approach to all of that and this is why, I would like to give you my newest blue glitter glory.

It made you smile,didn't it? That was the whole point because from now on, I'm on an undeniable spring color spree. I've said it before, in winter I'm nice and calm on the glitters, with just the occasional appearance. In autumn, we whip out the reds, browns and metallics but spring, oh in spring you get the full blast of pastels and glitters. Only to be followed by even bigger and brighter neons in summer.
One at a time though, shall we?

You may have noticed I prefer putting glitter on nude bases but this time I chose a pale taupe/ taupe gray kind of color that I think brings out the blue much better.The contrast just works.
For the record, had you told me a year ago I'd be familiar with the different categories of taupe, I would have not believed you. Oh how much my girly side has grown!

In any case, I do hope the sprinkle of glitter brightened up your day,or at least reflected a bit of light your way and with that being said, I'd like to welcome our newest Monday Blueser, Ariel to the party! 
Let's get on to the fun part, where you can see what the other girls did too.
Til next week's blue nails!

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