Monday, March 4, 2013

Dot That Nail - The Blue Edition

It feels like the 100th time I grab Bobbing for Baubles, because ever since I've got it,this has been my go-to gorgeous polish. Black is sometimes much too black but deep blue is always chic.
Case in point, Bobbing for Baubles and gold. Great combination you say? You'd be right! I feel like this nail polish makes my hands look instantly gorgeous. It's an incredibly flattering shade and I'm sure you'll notice how shiny this little gem dries.

essie bobbing for baubles nyx girls buzz worthy swatch accent dot manicure nails

I remember seeing this 'put a dot on it' manicure in a picture of Katy Perry's nails not too long ago, just that it was only an accent nail and it was black on nude. Both her music and her nails may be questionable at times, but this particular idea I liked.
Of course, the first time I did indeed try it black on nude and I'll post that mani later in the week as I wouldn't want to fill your dashes with too many dots too soon.

essie bobbing for baubles nyx girls buzz worthy swatch accent dot manicure nails

The polishes I used were Essie Bobbing for Baubles and NYX Buzz Worthy. I haven't tried the latter on its own yet, but I feel like it's pretty great for doing accents on nails.I give it enough credit to be able to be awesome on its own, so that's on my To-Try list and you guys will be the first ones to find out what it looks like. 

But let me tell you something awesome. You've noticed how each Monday is blue nail time and you might already know the girls taking part in it BUT this week, we have the awesome possum Yulia joining in, whose blog I've been staring at for a while now, because she has some of the most gorgeous manis you will ever experience! So give it up for the ladies and take a look at what they did to cheer up the day.

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  1. I don't blame you for grabbing Bobbing for Baubles so often. It's such an awesome polish!

  2. So pretty! x

  3. Arata foarte bine si oja de la NYX este 2 die 4 :D.

  4. This is so pretty I love the two colours together x



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