Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Soap of Choice : Adzuki Bean & Shea Butter

Today I will tell you about one of my favorite bath products.
Maybe you know by now that I'm a big fan of Shea butter, if not, you can read all about the miracle moisturizer in This Post .
But the moment I found a hand made soap WITH Shea butter , I immediately got it. And I will tell you, I was not disappointed at all!

I'll be honest and tell you I had no idea what the Adzuki bean was or what it did. I then found out it was a type of bean that grows in east Asia and the Himalayas,and that it is widely used in Japan, so check on the 'exotic ingredient'.
To be quite honest, I haven't figured out what skin properties it might have,as you actually have the bean in the soap, not some powder or extract.Maybe for an occasional exfoliation? Maybe to play in the shower? Or maybe it's the ideal prison soap, where you will have to bend to get the fallen bean when it detaches from your soap.

Bean close-up below.

I will admit that I really, really like the packaging and the red Adzuki bean looks great in the color palette and goes perfectly with the label design.

What is does and how it does it:

I'm a bigger fan of soaps than I am of shower gels,even if the latter tend to come in more smells most of the time. This soap for example has a very subtle scent that I like.
What it does is moisturizing your skin and NOT drying it out. And this fellow does that really well! I have dry skin and whatever I put on it ends up drying it out. Not the case with this soap!
Nobody was more surprised than me. Not even when shaving my legs did I feel that uncomfortable "my skin's so stretched out it's gonna break!".
I felt my skin comfortable and that is a very rare thing. The Shea butter really does its job well and whenever I find a bath product that keeps moisture in my skin, I will be impressed.


The ingredient list is more or less vague,like so

With some additional info in dutch that says that "each soap base is made from a selection of plant based glycerin, rapeseed oil , olive, coconut, sunflower/ castor oil and unrefined shea butter."

I got this particular soap in Holland at a de Tuinen store but you can also find it on the online store of Herbapharm  for under 4 Euro if I remember well.

All in all 
I am DEFINITELY going to keep using this! I still have 2 spare ones for when the current one runs out.
If you can't get hold of this particular one, I recommend you look for soaps with Shea butter in their composition.Your skin will be impressed.
And like I always say: The less ingredients, the better!

Do you prefer using soaps or gels?

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  1. I prefer using soaps but i cut them up into little chunks so they don't get all slimey in the shower! I love shea butter too!!xx

    1. This one got my body shape hehe. If you rub it on your arms 2 or 3 times it gets a very practical curve

  2. Great blog! I have nominated you for a blog award. Find out more here

    1. That's so sweet,thank you! but because I've been nominated for so many,I can't answer the 150 Q's I got, BUT I will head out to your blog and follow :)

  3. This sounds lush... I like solid soap, they're so decadent and chic. ;)

  4. This sounds like a real treat for your body! The way you describe it, I can already smell and feel it haha! Too bad I'm not a fan of soap bars


    1. I wasn't either, but this is so nice to my skin I can't deny it anymore. Stumbled on it by accident as it is hehe

      But in case you wanna try,it's a cheap test ;)



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