Friday, August 17, 2012

Nails On My To Do List

I've been getting more and more into nail art recently, and not the kind where you put 3D mushrooms on them, or draw smurfs, but the kind that is wearable and chic. In my opinion of course.

If you're still stuck on the 3D mushrooms, yes, I have seen nails where champignons were literally growing out of them.It sadly was not really my cup of tea but I'm sure they took a lot of effort to make.

What I want to show you are a couple of designs I'll be trying out on myself  in the immediate future, so stay tuned!
The images are from Pinterest, and you can find me and the pins I've used in this post there under LeTreasureChest .

I will start with this gorgeous matte and shiny combination.

I used to do stripes like this. Use a matte coat over the black base color and then do black stripes with the same base polish, just without it being mattified. It looks great,gives it a lovely velvety look and I'll admit, I've been eyeing this for a while.

Another beautiful thing are these framed nails with a twist.

The nude base is gorgeous, and this particular combination looks so chic! Now, if you don't have a dotting tool, here's what you can use as a substitute .

This beautiful thing I've discovered yesterday.

I am pretty sure that the way to do this is with a needle and too much polish on the tips but I'm drying to try it out and will let you know exactly how to do it once do, so stay tuned!

Yes,I'm a bit of a sucker for glitter.

It's nothing too unusual but I love the color combination and how fine the glitter is on the tips. This particular one might actually have been done with loose glitter or a glitter eyeshadow.Yes, you can do it with eyeshadow too, would you want to know how? Let me know!

What I also love  are almost gradient nails, which consist pretty much is a base color and a popping color on the tips. For example: neon yellow on a grey base. Or metallic green on black.

Yesterday,I discovered Louboutin Nails.

You heard right! Black on top, and always red underneath. I might give them a try, when my nails grow long enough. It seems Adele wore them at the Grammys this year and it all took off from there.

A design I really want to try are Map Nails.


They are just Newspaper Nails but then, with a map instead.As a matter of fact, you can pretty much put anything that's been printed on paper, on your nails. If you don't know how newspaper nails are done, let me know and I will do a tutorial for you, as they are super fun to do!

One thing I'm not keen on trying, unless you really want to see what they look like, are the apparent trend of the fall : Spice Nails

And no, sadly you don't get to put the Spice Girls on your nails.You put salt, pepper and any other spice of your choice on them.How? Just like caviar nails work. Wet polish, sprinkle of pepper, salt or the BBQ mix you have at hand.

Another gruesome one are the soil nails.
Just what you might think it is, but hope it isn't: Putting soil (aka ground from your garden) on your nails.

Would you like to know more about these? Should I demonstrate? Let me know.

What would you like to try out on your nails? Any designs you haven't tried but want to? I'm really curious about it!

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  1. These are gorgeous! Love the matte black and the marble effect ones.

    Lola |

    1. I'm totally hooked on the marble ones too,think they will be the first ones I try! :P

  2. The first pic: fantastic! I saw it before, but since you've posted it...I'm wondering about matte polish. Which one is it? OPI or?

    And CL nails are awesome!

    1. It's easier to get a matte top coat,and you just put it over any polish to make it matte. I got an Essence one more than a year ago and abused it a lot. I think a lot of brands have matte top coats.

    2. Awesome! I'll look for one.

  3. In LOVEEEE with the black matt with the tip!

  4. In love with ALL the styles here, they are so gorgeous! I just wish I was this good at doing my nails. Looks like I need more practice.
    Elle - xo

  5. That seems so complicated!
    Lovely post!

  6. Wow! They aree all so amazing. I'm in awe

  7. love the matte and shiny black ones :)


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Love the Matte/shiny black ones. Not too keen on the whole spices thing? Wouldnt you end up perpetually smelling like spices even with a top coat over it? Not for me lol

  10. The swirled ones and the glitter are my favs :) These are also so awesome and unique!

  11. Lovely manicures.. amazing !!!

    I found you through BBU.

    Following you . hope you follow back.

  12. Gorgeous looks... My fave is the first one. :)



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