Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Florex Sheepmilk Tinted Moisturizer

Well it's autumn, no denying that anymore.

That also means the sun has left the building so we might all be getting a bit paler by the day now. This is why, tinted moisturizers start to be a perfect pick.

I don't ever use foundation, but in autumn and winter I look a bit less than healthy and that's why I always use this. Schaafmilch getonte tagescreme

It's important to moisturize your skin and especially your face when temperatures drop and the wind starts getting more and increasingly persistent.

This little cream is my absolute favorite! 
It combines  the goodness of a sheep milk moisturizer with the life saving properties of that extra color in your face when you start looking less than awesome.

I've accidentally found it one winter and it's made by Florex, an austrian company that specializes in sheep milk and sheep protein products of the best quality.

I also have to say, I really like the packaging!
I think it really fits well with the color of the actual moisturizer and the gold gives it the matching glow. Schaafmilch getonte tagescreme

This is the color I use. It's Shade 2 as far as I know and you can see its color here.
When I first saw it, I was pretty unsure it wouldn't make me look like a self tanning experiment gone wrong.
But I was way off with that, it blended in perfectly and it just left a healthy glow behind.

As you can see below, you get a really nice glow from it, and no weird marks. It blends in perfectly and your skin absorbs it without a problem. Schaafmilch getonte tagescreme

Left is without any cream                                            Right is with the moisturizer 

It really takes a lot for a facial product to convince me and for me to want to put it on my face, but this one I've been using for more than two autumn/winter seasons and I'm going into the third as we speak.

If you have any questions regarding where you can get this cream,let me know and I'll do my best to help you find a place near you.

What do you use in the cold season? Any products you only use then? And have you ever tried tinted moisturizers?

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  1. I would love to know where I can find this! I live in central London/Camden area, are you able to help? :-) Thanks for the post!x

    1. sadly I see they don't do online shop,but there's a list of retailers,maybe one is close or good for you

  2. Ohh wow this looks cool! I remember my mom used to use sheepmilk products. Where could i buy this, i am from germany, but live in the USA...are there online stores, or is it available in germany cause i will go there in december :)

    1. It's available in Germany, here's the retailer list and I'm sure you'll find your city there too

  3. I have never heard of this brand but it looks so nice. I love how healthy it has made your skin look.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. I am collecting buttons too, so if you would like me to add yours - let me know. xx

    1. as a matter of fact,my mother discovered it,like many of the "indie" stuff I own when it comes to body/skin care

  4. Every woman wants to look beautiful and smart at all times, whether at home, at work or at any other place. That's why they use makeup, and a high quality tinted moisturizer is a great product to help them have natural beauty.



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