Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Blues : Halloween Witch Nails

Wheeew, had no internet for a week but that doesn't mean I didn't take pictures of my nails!

What I'm gonna show you today is a sorta Halloween thing. There was a Halloween party on Saturday and because my wardrobe fit into my backpack, I had limited options for a costume.

So I went for witch. Was easiest to do, got long hair, can give an evil look, and had (of course) the necessary nail polish with me.
Let's be need the polish anywhere.

So I used Essie Bobbing for Baubles, my new NYX Robotic ( on the ring finger ) that I'll show you in a proper post really soon because it's utterly gorgeous and the super pretty Essence Time for Romance glitter.

I think it's useless to repeat how me and glitter tips are buddies, so because of the blue I already had on my nails, I figured some bloody looking tips would be very witch like.

What do you say? Creepy enough or just wannabe witch?

essie bobbing for baubles nyx robotic essence time for romance halloween glitter witch tips

I plan on doing pumpkins soon, so stay tuned for the next October creepy nail I have to offer!

Can I just say, dutch weather kills my skin. I've been soaking it in hand cream, Lemony Flutter and Shea Butter and some cuticle area still felt the need to go nuts. Not funny guys...not funny!

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