Monday, October 21, 2013

Fingerprint Nails

I stumbled upon this awesome idea last week and just had to try it because there was a time where I would play with my fingers and nail polish with immense joy.Sure, I was 3, but the joy of sticking your finger in polish has not gotten less.

 As you can see, I'm the eternal mint and pastel kind of gal and couldn't skip them this time either. I think we've established by now that Barry M's Greenberry is my alltime favorite polish and Essie's We're in this together is my go-to pink.
This time I did it on a white base but can you imagine how great a golden polish would look on a black base for Halloween?
As I wrote this, my mind has already decided that would be my Halloween manicure.


The fact is, I need some more exercise in fingerprinting my nails, mostly in being careful with the amount of polish I stick my fingers in. If it's too little, you don't see it, and if it's too much, you get a blob of color (as can be observed on my ring finger in gracious pink).

What do you think? Is fingerprinting right up your alley or do you prefer leaving it to convicts?

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  1. Ohh I really like this idea, it's so pretty. Will be trying it :) x

  2. Gorgeous nails! They look so delicate and feminine despite being a more edgy design <3



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