Friday, May 16, 2014

NEW FIND: Frankincense Perfume Oil

That sounds unusual doesn't it?
I thought the same when I entered the Frankincense Shop in Camden Stables Market and saw ancient looking bottles of amber liquid.

Reluctantly I started smelling them, and as expected, some just did not do anything for me, but this little guy, named "Adiva", which means something along the lines of "delicate" if I remember well, got my attention. It has that typical musky finish but is indeed much more delicate and once it hits the skin, it becomes even more delicate.

The thing with perfume oils is, because they are oils, they last just that extra bit longer.
I can tell you this: it is a VERY unique smell and everyone has asked me what it is because they were completely fascinated by it.

It comes in this little roll-on 10ml bottle and costs 8£, which is a pretty great deal since it last forever. 

I definitely recommend a trip to Camden for it, because I'm convinced everyone can find a scent they'll immediately click with. 
Not to mention how easy it is to apply! I basically carry it in my bag and just do a quick roll whenever I feel like it. I'm also very sure I will be re-purchasing it!
Have you ever tried something like this?

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Central London WiFi says Hello!

I feel like I should tell you the story of how I've been intimately getting to know the free WiFi places in Central London lately after I moved to a place with no internet. 
I seem to be super lucky in this regard, each time I move around London, the internet decides to not follow.
I'm typing this from the Costa on Regent St. which has pretty good WiFi, but is so in the basement that my phone has lost any and all signal. I'm probably 5 meters away from a tube tunnel and probably just as far away from natural light.

So this is a quick update and a blogpost is scheduled for tomorrow, God willing it goes live as programmed.

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