Friday, November 30, 2012

This or That? Avocado Vs Avocado Face Mask

Couple days ago, I was sitting there looking at the avocado I was about to prepare and I noticed one of my face masks in the corner. It was also an avocado face mask, or so it said.

I then started thinking, why do we always go for the pretty packaged things and discredit the ingredients?

I mean ok, sometimes it's safer to process certain ingredients so that they are less risky when applied to your skin. Like lemons. You'll most likely want a lemon extract and not the zest that might sting like there's no tomorrow.
My skin can take a lot, I'd dare to say it can take almost anything without reacting, but I'm sure not everyone is like me, so of course I don't encourage zesting yourself.
This begs the question though: if it irritates and it's not naturally your skin's buddy, why do people insist on making it? It's like one of those comics when someone pushes two dolls nose in nose and aggressively says "now kiss!". If it's not naturally friendly, maybe it's not meant to be on your face in the end.

In this case though, we have the avocado. And the avocado is basically fat with vitamins.It's something you can probably slap on quite carelessly on your face. And it works. At least for me. I get a slice and rub it on my face quite often to be honest. It's easy and it does a great job, as I have pretty dry skin.

The mask on the other hand...well it's some avocado and then 10 other ingredients in order to keep the avocado feeling jolly. 
See, not even the avocado wants so be in there.
Of course, since I have it, I will be using this mask too, I just might not do it as often as I'd use the actual avocado.

For me, I'll always go for that which has less ingredients and is less processed. Which, much like food, should be the instinctive choice.Why wouldn't you use the same reasoning like for the products you let inside you, for the ones you put on you?
It seems fair to me.

So in this case, the avocado is a clear winner. 
What do you think?

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here's an Idea! Sprinkle Nails!

Caviar, salt, pepper, rhinestones....what hasn't been put on nails yet?
You'd think everything but I have something that hasn't: Sprinkles!

Of course,not the most practical thing, but sweet! And at this point, anything goes, so I figured, why not?

sugar pink sprinkle nails nail art

Not the worst idea, is it?
The downside, you wash your hands with warm water and the sugar will obviously melt, but if you're craving something sweet, you literally got some sugar on you.

I don't recommend expecting to wear them over longer periods of time, as they're not the most practical thing. I lasted under a day with them but if you're feeling extra creative or have somewhere to go where you can go a bit nuts with your outfit or accessories, trust me when I say: everyone will stare and ask about your nails

So next time you're baking cupcakes, why not just sprinkle some on your nails too, just for the fun of it?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pretty Photos: Candles

Pretty Photos time and that means I get to pick a pretty thing again.
What I picked today is another one of my obsessions: Candles
I like the light, I like the smells, I like the idea of them, I like the tranquility, I just like everything about candles, except for the part where you burn things when you're not paying attention.
But let me show you some pretty pictures featuring these beautiful things.

 I know, quite a bit of Yankee Candles, but they smell so incredible!

How delicately gorgeous is this one? I would probably just sit next to it in awe for whoever created such a pretty thing.

 I'd like to pick and choose from here, wouldn't you?

 And here we have the epitome of perfection: Tea and Candles

And a last one.

Hope you liked looking at them as much as me, and next week there's some more pretties coming up. If you want to suggest a theme for Pretty Pictures, feel free!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Blues : The Essie Gradient Nails

Today is obviously less about the bright blues an more about the autumn tones.
One of my favorites is making an appearance and that is Essie Bobbing for Baubles. And right next to it, of course, Essie School of Hard Rocks.
I haven't actually tried School of Hard Rocks on its own yet, but figured these two combined could look quite good. And guess what, they did!

essie bobbing for baubles essie school of hard rock swatch gradient nails essie
In case you don't know what Essie's Bobbing for Baubles looks like, I suggest you take a lookie look Right Here  and enjoy this utterly fascinating shade of blue.

Now, in case you didn't know this, I really enjoy reading  Eva Chen's Twitter feed, mostly for the pretty pictures she always seems to have in store. One day, it just so happened she had these two polishes on and I thought to myself  "Well that looks nice! Maybe not now, but when autumn is in full swing, I'm going to like that on my nails"
And so I did. In case you were wondering, autumn is in full swing and the fog lingering on the ground for the past 10 days has lifted and I saw the sun today, at last. Still remains a pretty autumn and these colors work really well with that image, in my mind.
Don't know why these colors were in the Essie Winter Collection, but that's not for me to meditate upon, I just enjoy.
And I hope you do to! I also hope you enjoy today even if it's Monday...again, but you're closer to next Friday than you were yesterday,so hang in there!

Here's the other ladies who put their best blues up for show today:

Gosia from Life in Color!
Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz
Marisa from Polish Obsession

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day : New York

Have to say, I do like this week's theme,but my collage ended up emptier than usual.

You think New York Style and then you wonder...wait...what is NY Style? 
So it became what would I wear when in New York?
Well, I think NYC is a place where there's no point in not being a bit more courageous about your look, so while I wouldn't do much furry stuff in real life, I figured some fluff could wok this time


Looking at this collage I'm starting to think I do indeed need to get me a pair of leather pants.
I'd get them online but I've always had less than jolly experiences with buying clothing online,especially pants, so if any of you have a store to recommend where I can find them, this is the time to do so.

The outfit is pretty simple,but I always liked the black-white-gold combination, and the necklace adds a bit of Umph! to the whole deal.

I'm a huge fan of nude lipsticks, they're basically the only shade I use right now, so with this outfit, I think a smoky or a  cat eye and nude lipstick would look quite nice.

That's what I'd wear in New York on a typical day, it's probably very influenced by the fact that it's autumn, or else I'd definitely be showing you more options. Autumn and winter leave me pretty uninspired, fashion-wise. Don't really know why.

In any case, if you want to join in next week, make sure you let me know in a comment or on Twitter @TreasureChestt you want to join. And make sure you VOTE for next week's theme right here:

What do you want next week's theme to be? free polls 
I'd be curious what your city outfit would be for any of the above.
And here's the rest of the ladies going big Apple
 Loading InLinkz ...

See you next week!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Metallic Half Moon Nails

This is the first time I try this, and  was meaning to do them with proper tools but ended up improvising big time.
For the record, these nails were created yesterday morning around 7am.
This half moon manicure is a challenge some Romanian bloggers had started and I said, why not? Had been meaning to do it for a while but always postponed it, so since I had a bit of a push this time, it finally came to pass.
nyx robotic w7 blue mirror half moon nails

I used NXY Robotic that I also showed you in the Halloween Nails I did and on top we have the now legendary W7 Blue Mirror I did a post on Here.
The idea was to have a light color on top and a dark one at the bottom. I think I succeeded quite well,no?
You don't want to know what served as half moon helpers, because even I was surprised they look this decent.
I do hope you like them though and I'm sure next time I do them you will see an improvement.
Going to have to do them on longer nails also, as I find this manicure to look best on long nails.

And here's also the other gals taking part in splitting moons in half :)

  1. Theo
  2. Dee
  3. Adelina Radu
  4. Little Beauty Bag
  5. Mihaela
  6. Catallina
  7. Liz

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cold Weather, Hand Creme Time

I don't know about you but my hands sure feel it when the weather gets cold and the wind becomes less of a "hey there refreshing buddy!" and more of a "uh-oh,here we go again!".
And if my skin feels it, you can imagine, so do my nails.
You might think nails and skin aren't similar when you're talking moisturizing needs, but I suggest you read my post on Why nails get weak and break and rethink your strategy.

With that being said, I give you, my winter buddies!

vaseline hand cream neutrogena dry hands cream apivita handcare i love raspberry and blueberry hand cream

They are quite different from eachother, and fulfill different needs. These are the ones that I have, so I decided to show you all of them and then also tell you which is my favorite

Vaseline Hand + Stronger Nails Cream

This one also strengthens your nails. Of all four, this one is the one that is in your skin fastest and without any fatty trace. It offers instant release for sure, you might need to reapply it more though, because like I said, it's the lightest and the easiest absorbed.
I did do some extra good to my nails too. Didn't make them incredibly strong but helped with keeping them a bit more happy.

Neutrogena Handcreme

These guys know what they're doing. If it's based on a danish,or any Nordic recipe, I'm gonna trust that you know your way around the cold.
When it comes to efficiency, this hand cream really works. It builds a protective layer on your skin while moisturizing it, so you don't worry about extra cracks.

Apivita Handcare

I believe Apivita is originally a Greek company, don't know who owns it now, but I really like the packaging,don't you?
This one also gets the job done, it just leaves a bit more of a fatty residue and you feel the need to reapply it a bit more.

I Love....Raspberry and Blackberry handcream

My precious! The bast for last, as you do. It's been in my October Favorites and I foresee it staying in favorites for the months to come. As far as quality, it rivals Neutrogena ( if not even surpasses), which is a big deal. Now add an incredible smell of berries to that and no parabens!
Of all hand creams I've shown you, this one is the only one that contains no parabens, and that, you can imagine, I like a whole lotta lot!
It's been a true friend in the office, where the air is a bit too dry for comfort.

So these are mine, I might get more I Love... hand creams because they smell too good to be true and  I now know they're also really good.

What are your hand saviors for the cold weather?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pretty Photos: Tea Time!

Maybe you remember last week's  pretty photo post that was all about autumn and it was pretty!
So this week I'm feeling equally girly and would like to share with you one of my other obsessions: TEA.
Tea,Teacups, Tea Time...I even like 5 o'clock just because.
What will follow is a collection of pretty pictures of tea, tea related and sometimes just hot beverages in pretty cups.

And let me show you where I'd like to be at any given time:

 That's all from me, hope you liked and maybe there's some fellow tea lovers among you :)
As mentioned in the last post, the photos have been taken from Pinterest and Weheartit and had no author credited. If you have taken any of them,let me know so I can credit you.

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