Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The dream fragrance - Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cologne

I shan't lie, it's been a while. We could be dramatic and say that it's been since last year! But we won't be dramatic today.
What we will be, is excited! And I am so immensely excited to be able to share this beautiful scent with you. I have been contemplating about getting it for quite a while now, but I think we all know what the price of a full grown Jo Malone cologne is (it's around 90£ in case you wonder). So that added a bit of a rational element to the impulse buy.

jo malone orange blossom perfume review scent

But here's the fantastic thing that happened: as I was catching a flight from Stansted, I ended up with time to spare, and in my wonderings around the duty free area, the glorious Jo Malone stand suddenly appeared in front of me. 
Since I am not one capable to fight the urge to smell their perfumes, I calmly approached the bottles. You cannot imagine the size of my eyes when I looked at the price and it said 64£ ! Clearly, that made my decision to buy this beauty very easy, very fast.

jo malone orange blossom perfume review scent

The scent basically bring everything together that I love: it's fresh but not Rexona fresh...it's citrusy but not lemony, it even is a bit musky and woody. And as I smell myself (totally normal under the circumstances), there is even a hint of sweetness to it, but not the kind that will give you headaches. If your nose can somehow imagine a slightly bitter orange type of smell, you are on the right path.
Not to mention the fact that it lasts for so long that if you throw your shirt in the laundry basket, the laundry basket will start having a very pleasant fragrance.
And before you accuse me of overs-spritzing, I don't. Two or three spritzers and you're set!

Basically, I am in complete and utter bliss each morning when it hits my skin! Have you tried any Jo Malone perfumes? Would you recommend any other? Or one that would go along with this?

And my advice: if you have a serious Jo Malone craving, try looking for it when you're in an airport next time!

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