Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week In Pictures # 9

Wow, week 9! Been doing this for 9 weeks and still like it mucho! I had suspected it would bring my triggerhappy self back when it comes to photos and seem to have been right.
This week, there's a bit of everything. Figured I'd do less food photos, even if I feel like photographing everything I eat, because this might end up becoming a food blog if I'm not careful.

Scheduled Tea for Monday. Drank it all / Best smelling Shower Oil!

My manfriend was bored at the office one day and left me a surprise in the bottle / Melon, bananas and Nutella? Don't mind if I do!

What started out nice became winter by Wednesday / Best birthday food!

Musli with yogurt and jam, must do this at home too / My little spring project. If you're curious what it is, it's gonna be up on the blog on Wednesday

Can I assume it snowed where you are too? It seems like it has been randomly snowing all over the world this past week, but luckily enough it's getting warmer outside and yesterday it was just rain that was happening. So here's to a sunny week!                        

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

New In My Closet


I've haven't yet done a post on clothing or anything much other than beauty and cupcakes. One does not simply ignore cupcakes.
Well, recently, I've ventured into new territory: buying shoes online.
Even in real life I need to try and try shoes on again before getting them, so you can understand why ordering them online was a pretty big leap of faith. Luckily, it all turned out well and the shoes were just right.
So after taking such revolutionary steps and succeeding, I figured I could show you some of the things I've purchased lately and have really been liking.

Surprisingly enough, I've gotten camo pants. Don't ask me why, because I'm not too sure either but they work brilliantly with the Asos Wedged Trainers you can see above.
Another favorite is the top from Zara. I'm a sucker for jersey type of materials, simply because they make me feel so comfortable. This one is just comfortable and somewhat jersey like but the gold dust on it gives it a very casual chic look.

A while before getting the wedged trainers, that I suspect are one of the best inventions to date, even for tall people such as me ( I'm 6ft in case you were wondering and the platforms give me a very awesome looking extra bit of height), I had FINALLY found the studded boots I had been looking for so long. Aren't they gorgeous? I feel like I could walk through anything with them.
And of course, you can see my love for jersey looking/feeling tops.That things is like a cozy pyjama you can wear in public and look cool while doing so.

I do wonder, would you want to see the occasional outfit post? I could do that every now and then.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Recently On My Lips

nivea lip butter review rosebud lip salve dr ogranic rose otto lip serum balm moa the green balm review balance me rose otto intense lip treatment balm review paw paw lip balm review
I don't know if you're aware yet, but beside nail polishes I'm a bit of a compulsive lip balm collector. I can never have enough and it recently turned out to come in handy because my lips have been going through a rebel phase where even after drinking more than 2 liters of water a day, they still look and feel dry. Still haven't gotten to the bottom of it, but like most things wrong with my skin, I can probably trace it back to the ventilation system in the office.

In any case, I have some of the golden oldies like the Rosebud Lip Salve  that might be petrolatum based but has done miracles for my lips throughout time, then some very new ones I'm somewhat undecided about. Those would be the Nivea Lip Butters. I have always liked Nivea, basically because we have all grown up with it but  I've read the ingredients of the lip butters and there's a bucketload of paraffin in there. Something I really don't want anywhere on me. And that brings me to my freakout in retrospect, is the Nivea classic cream also full of paraffin ? I'm afraid to Google that because paraffin is a side product of petroleum and it's one of those really badass mineral oils. But like I said, they are really new purchases so I have yet to try them out properly. But what I can tell you is free from any mineral oils is the MOA Green Balm . Only oils on the ingredient list makes it the most multifuntional balm I own.I can use it as a hand cream,face cream and lip balm. 
Then we have the Order of the Tube, starring Dr Organic Rose Otto Serum, which is ideal for the cold days where you want to make sure your lips don't get the full frost.It's a thick-ish balm that you really feel is doing something for your lips. Keeping is rosey, next on the list is Balance Me Rose Otto  Intensive Lip Salve. What I like most about this are the ingredients and the smell that really makes me feel there's no BS about it. No fake scents, it just lets the balm do all the talking. Now, I'm someone who tends to get anything off my lips in no time. Same goes for this and it's a pity because I have a feeling, would it have be able to reside more on there, it would have accomplished even more.
Last but not least we have Sportsgirl Smooth Operator Paw Paw Balm. In case you are like me and have no clue what Paw Paw is..... it's Papaya. Yep, it isn't the magical paw of an indigenous magical bunny like we all assumed.
This thing is awesome! Even thicker than the Dr Organic serum and even more long lasting. I can usually judge how desperate my lips are by the time it takes them to soak up this balm. Recently, it's been gone in no time.

What are some of your favorite lip case products? 

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

French Pharmacy Perfection - My Product Selection

Let's face it, the French know how to take care of themselves. Be it their chic attitude that comes from much pampering and equal amounts of just being born with it to their care of all things that come in contact with their body, they are known for the incredible things they come up with to give themselves a little treat.
That's also how things are with cosmetics, because they are the leaders when it comes to dermocosmetics, concocted from the best ingredients to get the best out of your skin.
My mother has always been a huge fan of them, I was just a glorious ignorant for most of my life, but I now have a couple of things that I cannot do without and that have improved my skin's well-being completely. And guess what? They're french.

bioderma sensibio micellar water vichy makeup remover purete thermale avene thermal water face spray melvita orange blossom extraordinary water review
I'd dare assume the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water is the most famous of the bunch.Just the other day I was giggling about how pretty much every beauty blogger knows about this one. If you're not a beauty blogger and don't know about or haven't tried it yet, I suggest you do because it's one of the most delicate things to touch my face. I use it mostly as a post-makeup remover cleanser. I like it best that way and my super sensitive eyes have never had a complaint.
Of all, I think Vichy is the one I'm the biggest fan of. I haven't found anything from them that I tried and did not like. Same goes for the Vichy Pureté Thermale Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. ( You can read my review by clicking on the link). It is the most effective makeup remover I have ever tried and I use waterproof fiber mascara and eyeliner. Let me just tell you, no rubbing ever occurs and everything just disappears in one wipe.
The helper in need this summer has been the Avene Thermal Water Facial Spray. To have that on scorching hot summer days has been life saving and even now it does a great deal of good whenever I spray it on. Sure, there's not that much use for it in winter as you get all your freshness by just stepping outside, but I'm sure that once the heat hits, we'll be inseparable again.
And last but not least, my most recent discovery, Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water. This is a serum for dry and dehydrated skin which is pretty much pure perfection for my thirsty skin. I've been looking for a good serum for a while and when I saw this in my local pharmacy after hearing the praise it got from the equally dehydrated Estée ( that might have sounded wrong, but we be speakin the skin truth here) I grabbed it and couldn't wait to try it.
I am so glad I did! My skin feels so different and the dry patches that had started appearing were just gone never to be seen again. It's an incredible thing to try. I'm also trying out a hydrating gel from them and will tell you about it soon also because it's looking like they do many great things.

Have you tried any french pharma goodies? What do you think of them?

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Glitter Glory

G'day children of the Monday.Like most of you, I too am craving a bit of  blue skies and sunshine. Luckily enough, there has been plenty over the week-end, if you leave out the part about the evil wind and cold that have been lurking around. But to get the optimism going, I figured the glitter needs to be whipped out again.You might have seen the Oxblood and Gold Glitter nails  I was sporting back in autumn and might have witnessed me squeal at the prettiness of these nails . But now it's time for the spring approach to all of that and this is why, I would like to give you my newest blue glitter glory.

It made you smile,didn't it? That was the whole point because from now on, I'm on an undeniable spring color spree. I've said it before, in winter I'm nice and calm on the glitters, with just the occasional appearance. In autumn, we whip out the reds, browns and metallics but spring, oh in spring you get the full blast of pastels and glitters. Only to be followed by even bigger and brighter neons in summer.
One at a time though, shall we?

You may have noticed I prefer putting glitter on nude bases but this time I chose a pale taupe/ taupe gray kind of color that I think brings out the blue much better.The contrast just works.
For the record, had you told me a year ago I'd be familiar with the different categories of taupe, I would have not believed you. Oh how much my girly side has grown!

In any case, I do hope the sprinkle of glitter brightened up your day,or at least reflected a bit of light your way and with that being said, I'd like to welcome our newest Monday Blueser, Ariel to the party! 
Let's get on to the fun part, where you can see what the other girls did too.
Til next week's blue nails!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week in Pictures #8

Let me tell you about last week. What started as spring ended in winter and all the pretty colors that were presenting themselves on Monday became more gloomy by the time we got to Friday.
Nevertheless, I've had some "Yepeee!" moments, despite having to go through snow and wind. One of them was when my order from Asos finally arrived. Sure, I had calculated that the shoes will be worn by the time I got them, but we can postpone it for a little bit I suppose.

Beautiful sunset before winter decided to come back / Doesn't this smiling cookie look a bit creepy?

One of my favorite patterns / Coffee by the lake...on the roof

I call it the whale, but it's a super cute tea holder / My precious-es ! Wedged trainers, prepare to be worn!

Lavender never fails to look gorgeous / My two animals who hold most of the necklaces I own

That's all for this week but I really hope to have more greens and sun to show you next time!


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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Keep Calm And Find New Ways To Follow Blogs

I think by now you've all heard that on July 1st, Google Reader will be gonezo, thus killing one of the most popular ways to follow blogs. But do not worry, for we have options!
You might not be able to follow with Google Friend Connect BUT many others remain. I for one am a huge fan of Bloglovin. I've been using it intensely for a while and recommend it as the best alternative to Google Reader. Luck has it, you can also follow me there. By clicking my Bloglovin Link Here you can subscribe and get all the updates just like you would with Reader.
But that's not all, because Facebook is also an easy way to follow if you want me smiling at you on your timeline. For that, you can Follow The TreasureChest Facebook Page.
And if you're into the 140 characters or less type of updates, I shall be keeping it short and sweet on Twitter .

Those are the ways you can keep following what I post. Now, if you like to see posts and not only, I would warmly recommend my good ol' Tumblr Page or the (if I may say so myself) very pretty Pinterest Boards I've been creating.
Safe to say, you are likely to bump into me in a lot of places and I hope you don't mind.


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Friday, March 22, 2013

Laura Mercier Vs. Maybelline: My Face's Favorite

A while back I got the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer which I had been dying to try,especially since the hype it was getting. I was expecting majestic things from it. Beyond majestic. Stuff of unspeakable glory.
Now the question is: did it deliver?

laura mercier tinted moisturizer maybelline dream fresh bb cream review

Let so much be said, the result is surprising.
I had gotten the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream because I read reviews that said "if you want a really good tinted moisturizer, this is it". And they were right. It's an amazingly fresh moisturizer that fixes well...pretty much everything. If you want to read the full review you can read it HERE.
After such a great BB cream/tinted moisturizer I was expecting somewhat the same result from the Laura Mercier one, seen as it was specifically created to be a tinted moisturizer.
Well, I didn't get it. I get much better moisturizing from the BB cream. I have dry skin, but the Laura Mercier one claims to be good for all skin types and I of course use a serum or oil under it anyway.
It feels a bit heavy, a bit too heavy, or at least heavier than I was used to from the Maybelline BB cream. And my skin doesn't even look half as good. For the first time this winter, I had  spots on my face where my skin literally looked dry. This had never happened with the BB cream.
The "Fresh" part of the BB cream became really clear when using the Laura Mercier moisturizer. No such sensation was given in its case. 
Now,  maybe I'm just spoiled , but I'm not a fan of how it feels on my face and don't use it alone anymore. 
When I'm in need of more coverage, I just mix a bit of the moisturizer into the BB cream and we're set. Because when it comes to coverage, the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is champ. It has really good, yet natural looking coverage and if you get the color right, it's an ideal alternative to foundation.

Who's the Winner then?

Undisputedly, Maybelline BB Cream wins this one. It's because of the fresh, super light and moisturizing feel to it. Sure, it doesn't have immense coverage, but I don't mind it at all. My face gets along with is incredibly well and even if the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer brings some good things to the table, I don't like how it feels on my face. Maybe in summer, when my skin is less dry, I will prefer it, but it's not really ideal for the winter or the winter to spring transition period.
For now, I'm going to be sticking to my fresh BB cream.

Have you tried any of these two? Do you agree or would you have a completely different result?

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Pinspiration Post

I don't know if there has ever been a better idea than making Pinterest happen.It's an enormous fountain of all that is pretty. At least for me. Once I start one search, I move into another and another until so long has passed and so many amazing things have been seen that there is no way I'm going to stop.And then I want them all, instantly and in my close proximity.
Let me tell you, this post has been hard to make,because it meant picking a few of those. And "a few" is a very limiting term when you're as Pinterestly obsessed as I am.
Before we begin, I'd like to point out that all photos come from Pinterest and do not belong to me, unless otherwise stated.

Let us commence, shall we?

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

I have developed a tasteful obsession for these things and the best thing about looking them up on Pinterest is that beside getting the most insane cravings, you get a recipe with them in most cases.Like in this case, where This Recipe came attached to my searches and is on the To Do list.


How amazing is the gardening selection on here? There is no limit to how many ideas you can get!


I mean...if not Pinterest then who? I don't think there is a place more filled with DIY options than here. You can find the most surprising,amazing,simple,beautiful creations, many of which you slap your forehead and go "why didn't I think of that!"


I'm a huge fan of packaging, especially vintage and old looking ones and I can spend SO much time just looking for new and incredibly well designed outer layers for the most random things.

And I'm not mentioning the heaps of incredibly delicious looking food on purpose because if I start posting food pictures, many a reader will find themselves in the very inevitable situation of raiding their fridge in search of something just remotely as delicious looking.
If you want, I can of course gather up some yummies and post them there, but you have to be prepared to face it.

If you want to see more and liked this post, I suggest you check out The Pinterest of The Treasure Chest where I'm gonna keep 'em coming!
This was the non beauty related post, but be sure that there is a lot of beauty related imagery to be seen on my Pinterest Boards, if you take a look.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Warmer Gradients

This week, I've been in spring mode.Must also be the reason why I went out and got this pale,orange pastel thing of a polish. It just looked warm to me and reminded me of sunshine. So what do you do when you get sunshine nail polish? You make a manicure out of it. And since we had Monday Blues to do, I put some blue on it and complied.
These two colors really remind me of warm weather and sunshine. Yes, it also helps that I took the picture while the sun was shining outside, but even if that had not happened, the combination makes me think of an ice cream.

I have to say, I'm not too impressed with this orange polish because it took 3 coats to get to this and it still did not feel opaque enough. One more thing, is it just me who finds it funny when it says on a nail polish bottle that it's "waterpoof" ? I mean,seriously, does someone go out and buy polish with the expectation of it washing off at the first contact with water? 
Don't know what the name or number is of this Kallos polish, because the sticker at the bottom either fell off, or was never there. Either way, I never saw its denomination. The blue on top was the Rimmel Bright Back At You polish that stained my nails last summer. Even if it's a gorgeous color, I'm probably not going to wear it again, because I ended up with weirdly colored nails. And this is coming from someone with a base coat obsession.

Either way, I do hope spring is springing in your parts also,because I can feel it approaching quite rapidly here.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week In Pictures #7

Let this be a warning: if you are hungry, are prone to cravings or just do not want to be flooded with images of yummy food, step away from this post. Because this week I've suffered from more overstuffing than ever.All you can eat sushi, humongous portions of burgers and fries and desert on top of that.

No filter, no edit sunset.Best view from my balcony / Flowers that survived the weekend at the office

A balanced breakfast I would dare say / Strudel Smoothie! So good! Musli,Apple,Cinnamon yummies

After a long time, I think I found my perfect neon pink / Got myself some Lip Butters

All you can eat sushi. I was stuffed! / The not so tasty first strawberries of the year

Froyo! I'll never say no to you / Yesterday's huge sandwich with surprisingly soft bread

China's Number One Beer they say... I didn't want to try it /  Yesterday was so nice and sunny, but freezing

Hope your week went by nice and easy too and let that spring come a'ready!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

February Favorites

I'm clearly staying true to the "took you long enough" concept with getting round to posting favorites.
For the record, photos had been ready since February but time has been very scarce around these parts and that is the reason why it took me a bit to get this post up and running.

 I am ridiculously picky with the things I let touch my face especially, but ever since the discovery of the Vichy Pureté Thermale Soothing Eye Make Up Remover For Sensitive Eyes and the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water , I've reached a whole new level of picky because I don't think anything else will match the greatness of those two combined. My insanely dry skin stopped feeling like it was going to crack after taking my make-up off.

Now let me tell you about my AMAZING discovery! My hair has been on an off its game and misbehaving every now and then due to insanely dry and unfriendly conditions. BUT that all changed when I got my package from the swap with Grace. Because Aussie's Luscious Long Conditioner and Shampoo were in it. A review on them is coming real soon but let me tell you: my hair has not felt this great in a quite a while!

Moving back to my face, you will see a pretty surprising winner in my showdown between Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream and the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer but for now, I will tell you that the fresh sensation this BB cream offers is simply incredible.
Paired with it, for most of February, has been the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Face Cream that has left my face feeling ridiculously soft and supple.And a new color favorite is the MUA Lipstick in Bare.

Last but not least, the nails. 
Recently purchased, OPI Nail Envy is already impressing me enough to have it in my favorites. And the Sally Hansen Real Teal and Farmasi No. 55  (for they just number them) have been recent color obsessions of mine.

That was it from me, but what about you? Do we share any favorites here? Or is there anything you'd want to try from this post?

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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Super Pretty New Storage

I am so excited! I've managed to get these pretties little things to put my make-up and general beauty products in.
Initially designed to be flower pots, such small details are known to not stop me. So in a couple of moves the whole thing has been successfully reutilized as gorgeously romantic storage.

Every single morning I go to the window and grin. Because this is so incredibly girly and pretty that it makes me giggle. 
I like everything about it: the colors, the roses, the material,the mild used look on the wooden box. Everything!
 And everything fits in perfectly. Not too little and not too much space. All my essentials, or well, my most used products fit in here and I can move them around without having to worry about where some of them might end up.

What do you say? Do you like it at least half as much as I do?


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Polish Days: Vintage

This month's theme has been interesting, because I know that when I say "vintage", you mostly think of those old, washed off posters or pieces of paper,with ripped edges and an all round used look. And that's what I think of also. 
But since that is what most people probably think of, I once again decided to go against it. Yes, I'm doing it on purpose. Why should everyone's nails look the same? Where's the fun in that?
So I took a different approach to that vintage timeline and made it a combination of typical patterns and a bit of a pin-up look. As you might also notice thanks to my obligatory inclusion of the red lips and the mildly posed picture. What am I saying, it's full on poser.                           

vintage polka dot pattern small big black and white manicure catrice essende kallos swatch nails vintage nails pin up nails manicure lipstick

I just figured the contrast would be quite nice and I'd like to think I was right. To complete the look, there should be a serious cat eye happening. Just saying.
But I've always wanted to play around with those big dots fading into smaller ones and this seemed like the perfect occasion.
I'd like to think women back then could have worn this design without anyone calling them different adjectives.

vintage polka dot pattern small big black and white manicure catrice essende kallos swatch nails vintage nails pin up nails manicure lipstick

I have to say, I've really liked staring at this manicure because it has something very fascinating about it. Not because I did it, but the whole idea of it is very simple but looks complex.
And with those wise word being said, I'd like to leave you with the lovely ladies who are also taking part in this month's Polish Days.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Nailed It: Sparkly Clouds

Today I'm feeling like spring and that means more blue sky and pretty clouds. Yesterday's Week In Pictures post had a gorgeous example of perfect skies in it, and the week before there was a lot of cloud action also, so you might have seen this coming. In my world, the natural progression of things is: see it, like it, put it on your nails.
So that is exactly what happened, there was just some added sparkle to this whole process.

the real teal sally hansen w7 blue mirror china glaze liquid crystal cloud spring sky manicure swatch nails

Sally Hansen's Real Teal is pushing itself into my spring foreground and it looks like it will be on my nails quite a bit in the near future.
I had seen this cloud-ish looking manicure on a lot of people and was under the very strong impression it was a hard thing to achieve. Until I realized how easy it actually was. So there was no stopping it anymore.
And in the picking of the polishes, the next surprise happened: W7 Blue Mirror and China Glaze Liquid Crystal look perfect together. It's like they have been created to work in glorious harmony. So why not exploit that, I say!

These two polishes really seem to be relatives,don't they? Probably something like the brother from another mother.
Teal, turquoise, any kind of strong blue that reminds me of the sky will become an instant favorite and will be sitting very nicely on the nails. 
Hope you liked the little fluffy clouds sprinkled with glitter and I shall leave you with some more creations from the ladies, so your Monday becomes a bit prettier.

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