Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GinZinging your eyes out for spring

I think we can all agree that spring has now sprung! 
I mean, I feel like I may  have tanned during this past bank holiday.
What I also think we can agree on is that spring really makes you want to have a fresh, happy looking face. Whilst this is the dream, sometimes that's not the default face you wake up with.
In my case, I tend to wake up in the morning having slightly puffy and dark under eye areas. I'm assuming its genetics mixed with not always sleeping like a baby or as much as a baby would.

But I'm happy to say that for the past 5 months I've been testing the bejeezus out of the following eye cream and can throw some conclusions at you.

origins gin zing eye cream dark circles refreshing and brightening review spring may april easter

Origins has created some of my absolute favourite things, like the life saving overnight hydrating mask that I've mentioned here and in a lot of other posts you can find by checking the  "origins" tag in this post.
But this is definitely the reason why I tend to trust them when it comes to skincare.
Now, I am aware that my dark circles are persistent little fellows and while this cream promises to make a real difference in reducing the appearance of the shadows, I was not expecting miracles.
But I have to tell you, once you actually apply this under your eyes, the dark becomes light. You have no idea how impressed I was when it happened! I had tried a number of other creams and serums meant to make your eyes look more awake, but none of them actually made the difference that this has.
I can always rely on it, even on those awful mornings when my eyes sting and present me with new shades of red.
And I'd like to think that after almost half a year of using it, I can confidently say that. One more thing I was thrilled by, was the fact that the tiny pot that I got while buying the GinZing face cream, and which contains around 15g of product, has lasted me for all this time.
In all fairness, eye creams should be used in smaller quantities, but the effectiveness that is concentrated in this, is quite thrilling!

So if you need something to make you look fresh and happy, this is the little pot for you!

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