Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Essence Souffle Touch Blush

I've been on the hunt for a cream blush for a much longer time than I wish, so once again in Amsterdam I figured it was almost impossible to not find one, because you know, they have pretty much all beauty brands I desire, up for sale.
I was super happy when I saw they moved the MAC counter and made it bigger and was sure I'd find my blush. I did not.
Luckily enough,they had Bobbi Brown there too! No blush in sight...

Same happened at the Lancome,Estee Lauder, Maybelline, L'Oreal and pretty much every other brand I checked. Happy Happy, Joy Joy!
You'd think that with the amount of creamy or bouncy blushes around in the US, us lovely folks over in Europe would get at least a fraction of them.

Well, as I was giving up hope, I went into the Kruidvat, which is pretty much your regular drugstore and what do I find? Precisely! The cream blush! Where? At the Essence counter...of all places!

Just like with the Catrice Gel eyeliner that I showed you HERE , I found my product of choice in the most unexpected of places and am actually satisfied with it!

essence souffle touch blush 010 fresh apricot

I got the 010 Fresh Apricot  and gosh I love it!

I was super impressed how shimmery and gorgeous this color looked! I don't mind matte blushes but the ones with a shimmer give you an extra bit of freshness.

This is what it looks like on my skin

essence souffle touch blush fresh peach swatch

Doesn't it look great?
I love the frosty shimmer of it, and even if my skintone is a bit more yellow, it still looks great.

What I will say is that this is the only color that seemed to have this kind of shimmer, the others were a bit too dark and gloomy for my taste and lacked the shimer, or it was at least less visible.

I also like how light it is, clearly a souffle and super airy. You'd be surprised how light the whole jar is also, you can hardly feel you're holding it. A very practical thing when traveling with a weight limit!

All in all

I really like it! 
And I think it's even better than the Maybelline Bouncy Blush I was aiming for. If I find it, I will do a comparison for sure tho, but for now, I will enjoy this blush!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Blues : Halloween Witch Nails

Wheeew, had no internet for a week but that doesn't mean I didn't take pictures of my nails!

What I'm gonna show you today is a sorta Halloween thing. There was a Halloween party on Saturday and because my wardrobe fit into my backpack, I had limited options for a costume.

So I went for witch. Was easiest to do, got long hair, can give an evil look, and had (of course) the necessary nail polish with me.
Let's be need the polish anywhere.

So I used Essie Bobbing for Baubles, my new NYX Robotic ( on the ring finger ) that I'll show you in a proper post really soon because it's utterly gorgeous and the super pretty Essence Time for Romance glitter.

I think it's useless to repeat how me and glitter tips are buddies, so because of the blue I already had on my nails, I figured some bloody looking tips would be very witch like.

What do you say? Creepy enough or just wannabe witch?

essie bobbing for baubles nyx robotic essence time for romance halloween glitter witch tips

I plan on doing pumpkins soon, so stay tuned for the next October creepy nail I have to offer!

Can I just say, dutch weather kills my skin. I've been soaking it in hand cream, Lemony Flutter and Shea Butter and some cuticle area still felt the need to go nuts. Not funny guys...not funny!

But til I get my cuticles back in check, you can check out the other Monday Bluesers right here

Gosia from Life in Color!
Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz
Marisa from Polish Obsession

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Girly Obsessions: Cupcake Liners

Are you in cute mode?

You should be! Because up next are one of my cutest obsessions:  Cupcake Liners!

I am in complete like with them!!!

They come in so many colors and patterns that it's impossible not to develop some sort of fascination with  how pretty they are and how many kinds you can find!

In the picture above there's just a couple of the ones I own and I always enjoy baking little cupcakes in them and eating them up from these beautifully colored things!

How's your relationship with cupcake holders? Are you as fascinated by them as me or do you have any other pretty obsession?

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Catrice Gel Eyeliner

If you've been reading this blog, you might have noticed this gel eyeliner making an appearance pretty often.
The latest was in my September Favorites and in the post about Picking the Right Eyeliner.

Well,with that much swooning, I figured it deserved a post of its own.

catrice gel eyeliner and pot on white background

This is one of my must have products.
I'm an eyeliner girl to begin with, I find that it can save the day and give you an instant boost of gorgeous. Simple yet very effective.

The great things about gel eyeliner are:

  • it gives you the most incredible dark black you will ever want.
  • it truly stays in place. Once its on, that's where it will stay. I've never had issues with this kind of eyeliner smudging or running in any way.
    To be honest, not even in rain or after watery eyes did it start leaking.
  • for me,it's the easiest to apply. You can use an angled brush like me, or any other type of brush you think will make it easiest for you to apply. Unlike other liners, you don't get a default lining tool so you have the complete freedom of choice.
    I find an angled brush to work best for me because I like the classic cat eye look and the angle of the brush helps you achieve that easiest. 

I really would recommend this product to you, especially because it doesn't dry out. This one from Catrice in any case. I still have a pot that I haven't finished from last year. Talk about long lasting products!
But I decided to replace it simply because I stuck that brush in it probably one too many times and like all things that go around your eyes, you need to be extra careful with bacteria that might gather.
But even the pot that's a year old is still in top condition. Hasn't dried at all! That's why I really like gels!

Also, ALWAYS make sure you have a clean brush when using these kinds of eyeliners. Trust me, you wouldn't want your eyes to start feeling uncomfortable.

All in All:
This is the product I'm most likely to recommend to people. This and Fiber Mascara.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Top Autumn Nail Polishes & Swatches

I've decided to do a little top 5 of my most worn autumn nail polishes.

Well because 5 would have looked uneven, guess what I did? I made a Top 6.
OCD? Nah, just more polishes to show!

Let us begin, shall we?

I will take each row, left to right.
First up,we have Essie Bobbing For Baubles. Such a unique color! 
I did a whole post about it that you can read and especially look at HERE

Next, there's Mi-Ny in Forever Young . I've been looking for a good dark red for quite a while now and I think I can say This is it! 
You might remember seeing it in the tutorial for The Super Easy Autumn Nails I did.

Then some Catrice. Left there's In the Bronx , a gorgeous shimmering gold bronze color! 
I also used it in the latest tutorial that involved super autumny crunchy nails and that you can find Right HERE.
And on the right, one of my latest, called After Eight.  
For some reason I was sure it was blue when I got it. Might have been the light in the store but  can say I regret nothing! Such a beautiful dark green color! Makes me think of mature nature and autumn.

And of course,we had to have a nude. This one from Farmasi is, I think, as nude as it gets. I mean, it almost looks like I have flesh colored nails but I really like it. Sadly, these polishes come with no name and apparently the number of this one got lost somewhere too. Truth is, I've owned this polish for a bit over 2 years now I think, so I'm not even sure it's available anymore, but each autumn, it makes an appearence.

Last but not least: My Self Made Polish.
What a proud polish maker momma I am! It's the kind of color that combines everything I like. The unique color and the gorgeous shimmer to go along. The name is still being created but I think it will be called something with "Midnight". You can see the process of making it HERE and some more swatches in a post I did a bit later, Right HERE

What do you think? Liking my colors? What are yours?

If you're curious, this was the TOP 5 Metallic polishes I did last month being sure they'd be my Top Autumn polishes too.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Blues: Rhinestone Nails

Well... not technically rhinestones, but glitter that if placed well, will look like you have little gems on your nails.

It's a bit less blue than other Monday Blues posts, but I like to think it's blue enough to brighten up some grumpy Mondays.

w7 cosmic blue and kallos rhinestone glitter manicure

I own a silver ring that has exactly 3 blue stones in the middle, and one day, while looking at it I started wondering why I don't do that on my nails too.

Initially I just wanted to put a regular blue on some silver looking polish, but then I remembered I have some great blue glitter I haven't used nearly enough ever since I got it..

And thus, the nails were born!
You can see that the first two fingers are a slight bit off center but I'll just blame it on artistry.

w7 cosmic blue and kallos rhinestone glitter manicure

Doesn't this glitter just look like rhinestones? I was very surprised to see what a gorgeous effect it had when I started dotting it around the nail.

I used W7 Cosmic Blue that I got together with every other W7 glitter I could find. Yes...someone has a glitter problem, I know.
I put it over a long lost Kallos silver polish whose name got lost along the way.Not from my own fault, but because they number their polishes and stick the number in quite an insecure manner on the bottom. One wrong move and off goes your number.Let's just call it "awesome silver".

So what do you think, do you like it as much as me? I've been looking at it and giggling for a while now,hehe.

With that being said, here's the other sisters in blue doing their magic:

Gosia from Life in Color!
Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz
Marisa from Polish Obsession

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day: Lace

Oh goody,goody! I really am a huge fan of lace!

I find it to be an instant outfit maker, wear a lace top with jeans and you have a far from boring look going on. Same goes for a lace dress,skirt or shorts that give your outfit an extra 10 points in the WOW department.

I find it to be the perfect combination of feminine and sexy because in the end it just depends on how you wear it.

I also have to admit the perfect lace color for me is white. You might notice that in a moment also.
I suppose it's because white lace has less cheesy potential than say black lace. That one can go wrong very easy if worn wrong, don't you think? I'm sure we've all seen black lace gone wrong at some point, especially if like me, you were born in the 80s. And I'm sorry Calvin Harris, it might have been acceptable in the 80s but it shouldn't have been. Fo' realz!

You can clearly see my color scheme here,can't you ? Well I hope you like my lace collage!


Yep, I even found Lace shoes! Gotta love 'em!

Can we talk a bit about the incredible Mermaid's Dream by Deborah Lippmann ? Let's!
This little polish is one thing I really wanna get my hands on,but it has proven to be a difficult task. Also, it's a bit on the pricier side by my gosh, isn't it pretty? Blues and glitters and shimmers and...ah, a beauty!

Just a heads up, you can get me this for my birthday,and my birthday is any day you decide. We don't need to get stuck on dates, don't you think?

As for the rest, pastels and white,of course. I did like the black lace detail on the top on the right, really works on this!

If you wanna collage away next week, make sure you let me know in a comment or on Twitter @TreasureChestt you want to join. And make sure you VOTE for next week's theme right here:

What do you want next week's theme to be? free polls 

See your awesome collages next week!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

September Favorites!

It's that time again!

I know, it took me long enough to post this, didn't it?
Well here we go, my favorite things from the past month.

You'll see some good ol' friends and some new faces.
And since we're speaking of faces, let's start with that.

Favorites for my Face

As you might have noticed, I don't plaster my face with much, but these two are very very handy together.
The MeMeMe Sunbeam still holds its spot as favorite illuminator and you can read my review about it HERE

The Tinted Moisturizer from Florex I've also recently introduced to you in This Post and it will stay with me until the sun starts shining very brightly again.

Let's move on to The Eyes, shall we?

I'm very much a sucker for Gel Eyeliner and this one from Catrice is still my favorite. If you haven't tried it yet, want to, or don't know what kind of liner can work best for you, I suggest you check out my post about Picking Eyeliners.

Eyeko Fat Brush once more! I think you know by now I really like this mascara, but in case you don't, let me direct you to the post where you can find out why I like it so much. It's Right HERE.

Let's not forget the eyelash curler.This brilliant invention makes any lashes look 10 times better! I can't imagine not using it every single day.

And last,but not least: Nails!

Such awesome autumn colors,both of them!
The first one is Essie Bobbing for Baubles and you can see what it looks like on my nails HERE.
What a unique color it is! I'm really glad I found and got it.

The second one is Catrice After Eight and if you have a bit of patience, by next week, you will be able to see how it looks on my nails also, because the post about my Top Autumn Polishes is coming up and this one is in it.

How about you, what have your September Favorites been?

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Smooth Operator Paw Paw Lip Balm

Today, I will show you the latest addition to my lip balm collection.

You might recall my excitement when I showed you the Swap Goodie Box arrived. In that awesome goodie box there was also the superbly australian Paw Paw Smooth Operator from Sportsgirl.
Can I just say how awesome the name is? Smooth Operator! Spot on!

sportsgirl paw paw smooth operator lip balm papaya

As you can see from the tube, it says it's a multi-purpose lip balm. 
What is that? I hear you ask.
For that, we start by defining the Paw Paw. Any guesses? Well it's Papaya! Another awesome name given by the cool folks down under!
And papaya is a great little plant. So is its extract that you can find in this lip balm. It doesn't only go on lips, it goes on any dry skin you might have. 
Ellbows crackin up? Paw Paw it!
Did you just get sunburned? Stick the Paw Paw stick on it!

sportsgirl paw paw papaya smooth operator lip balm
It's also super easy and clean to apply as you can see from the tube it comes in.
I was surprised how little of it I needed, for my lips to be all jolly about it. Sometimes I even just use what was left on the tip of the tube and its enough.

It really does a great job moisturizing your lips.
Sure, it's not of the thickest consistency, so you will have the urge to re apply it quite a bit, but truth be is just an urge, not an actual need, because once you apply it, your lips will be good for a while.

You know I'm very much into natural extracts and papaya is right there on top of my list! So I'm super glad I got the chance to try this out! Hopefully I'm gonna be able to get hold of a refill once it runs out!

What lip balms do you use and what's your favorite?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Florex Sheepmilk Tinted Moisturizer

Well it's autumn, no denying that anymore.

That also means the sun has left the building so we might all be getting a bit paler by the day now. This is why, tinted moisturizers start to be a perfect pick.

I don't ever use foundation, but in autumn and winter I look a bit less than healthy and that's why I always use this. Schaafmilch getonte tagescreme

It's important to moisturize your skin and especially your face when temperatures drop and the wind starts getting more and increasingly persistent.

This little cream is my absolute favorite! 
It combines  the goodness of a sheep milk moisturizer with the life saving properties of that extra color in your face when you start looking less than awesome.

I've accidentally found it one winter and it's made by Florex, an austrian company that specializes in sheep milk and sheep protein products of the best quality.

I also have to say, I really like the packaging!
I think it really fits well with the color of the actual moisturizer and the gold gives it the matching glow. Schaafmilch getonte tagescreme

This is the color I use. It's Shade 2 as far as I know and you can see its color here.
When I first saw it, I was pretty unsure it wouldn't make me look like a self tanning experiment gone wrong.
But I was way off with that, it blended in perfectly and it just left a healthy glow behind.

As you can see below, you get a really nice glow from it, and no weird marks. It blends in perfectly and your skin absorbs it without a problem. Schaafmilch getonte tagescreme

Left is without any cream                                            Right is with the moisturizer 

It really takes a lot for a facial product to convince me and for me to want to put it on my face, but this one I've been using for more than two autumn/winter seasons and I'm going into the third as we speak.

If you have any questions regarding where you can get this cream,let me know and I'll do my best to help you find a place near you.

What do you use in the cold season? Any products you only use then? And have you ever tried tinted moisturizers?

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Blues: Black and Blue Glitter Tips

By the time you'll read this...I'll be a work.

Been having a bit of a sorta flu this week-end so I was more in the mood for black than blue, which should also explain my manicure.
This is Monday blues after all, so I just added some sparkly blue.

barry m aqua glitter and catrice back to black glitter tip manicure nails

This glitter is hands down my favorite one and it confirmed once more how easy it is to take it off, a very strange fact for a glitter!
I swooned about it on a previous Monday Blues post that you can find HERE and I can tell you it's 100% pure glitter goodness!

I actually like the contrast of the black and the blue a lot!
It probably will take the number 2 spot in my favorite list after black and gold.

barry m aqua glitter and catrice back to black glitter tip manicure nails

The black I used, Catrice Back to Black  also has a great almost blue shimmer in it that works really well with the Barry M Aqua Glitter. 

Sure, not the cheeriest mani, but then again Monday isn't the cheeriest day either and I'm still under flu influence so I'm not the cheeriest either. But the glitter is a great pick-me-up!

With that being said, I wish to direct you to the other lovely ladies who went all blue today

Gosia from Life in Color!
Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz
Marisa from Polish Obsession

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day: The Definition of Chic

Polyvore Collage Day 4 !

This week we had : The Definition of Chic

Defitinion of chic

If you still don't know what the Polyvore Collage Day is, you can read all about it HERE

Now, for today's definition of chic I went pretty basic.
Black, white, red, gold and pastel tones. Simple and timeless.

When it comes to chic, a pencil skirt will always do the trick. Because it's leather, it makes it a bit more edgy and more like something I'd wear. There's some fabrics I really dislike in skirts and in clothing in general and try to stay away from, but this leather looks perfect.
The top is somewhat simple,but it's chic simple, as in something you can wear casually but also in a dressier context.

Ah the blazer.... I think everyone should own one, especially in black. It can be combined with everything!
Black and red nail polishes I think work very well in this context because even if red is the timeless one here, black has also become a pretty universally accepted nail color lately and it makes your hands look chic in one move.

Then of course we have the pumps, bag and the gold necklaces. I think they complete any outfit as long as they don't stray too far into weirdly colored and shaped territories.

If you wanna collage away next week, make sure you let me know in a comment or on Twitter @TreasureChestt you want to join. And make sure you VOTE for next week's theme right here:

What do you want next week's theme to be? free polls 

See you next week!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crunchy Autumn Nails Tutorial

The thing with nails is, you can do pretty much anything with them and can play with colors, textures, moods and so much more. To me, they mostly stand for a mood or the way I feel. Could also explain why I change them up every other day.
Since autumn has hit full on, and so has the autumn mood, I decided to create a bit of autumn on my nails. I usually don't stick leafs on my nails, but this time I found it to be necessary. You can only do so much with colors. In the end, browns and golds can be used at any time of the year, but the dry leafs only come around once.

So, without further ado, here’s what you too can do:

autumn nails glitter tutorial catrice in the bronx

First Up:  Collect your leafs and tear them into little pieces. I admit there's not that many dead leafs lying around just yet, so I just got one type. But I highly recommend getting all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, it makes for a much cooler manicure!
Secondly:  Pick your polish. I went with Catrice - In the Bronx because it's all autumny and gives a really nice bronze effect
Thirdly: As your polish is still wet, carefully place pieces of your leafs on your nails. You need the polish to be wet so that they can stick properly. Push them down with a toothpick or something else that has a small tip

Then:  If you have some matching glitter, dab it on the sides of each piece of foliage so that it looks like that's what's keeping them in place. In fact, it will indeed also keep them better in place and it looks very pretty.

And Lastly:  Top Coat It! I suggest a thicker top coat if you have one, if not, just put two layers of a normal one on top for everything to come together and shine.

And Voila! This is what you will end up with!

autumn nails glitter tutorial catrice in the bronx

I actually like the fact that it looks like has some texture, even if you don't feel it because of the top coat.
It's a great autumn manicure and I’ve had many people stare at it and ask how I managed to do it. Well folks, hope you're reading this!

Have you tried any autumn manicure yet?

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Friday, October 12, 2012

All About The Beautiful Marseille Soap

Let me tell you the story of the most beautiful soap I have ever used.

It's girly, it's lush, it smells incredible and it is so good to my skin!

Le Savon de Marseille, or simply Marseille Soap in English. This soap has been made in France (in Marseille, as the name says) for over 600 years now and the recipe has pretty much stayed the same.

It's made from just vegetable fats and oils, so no animal components, which should make vegans jolly.
Traditionally, it is mixed with sea water from the Mediterranean. ( How awesome does that sound! )

I found these soaps by accident at a home decor store called Bamboo and was super excited about it because I had heard so many good things about the Marseille soap but was never able to actually find it and buy it.
I got these two: Lavander and Forest Fruit.
As girls usually do, what did I try out first? Exactly, the pinkish looking one!

I love the look they have, it really looks like something that could have been made couple hundred years ago. Nothing too fancy, but beautifully traditional.
Not to mention I jumped up and down when I saw it also had Shea Butter ( the Beurre de Karite you can see written in the upper right corner.)
If you don't know how obsessed I am with Shea Butter ( and for a good reason!) , you can read all bout the Why I Love and the How I Like to use it on the links right there.

I used to be absolutely fascinated with this Shea Butter and Adzuki Bean Soap but I have to say ... this one beats it by a mile!

Like I've repeated so many times, my skin is super dry, and with the weather and temperatures changing, it got an extra boost  of  "oh no,it's getting drier!"

But my skin didn't even feel remotely dry! AND it makes the most lush foam! I now basically look forward to showering so I can cuddle with the foam. The softest, most delicate foam you will have ever touched!

Not to mention that one day I just decided to see what happens if I foam my face up a bit too. Well, what happened was that my eyeliner and mascara made a very clear disappearance from the scene.
I would have never thought it removes make-up so well too!

And the smell....oh the smell! Incredible! I'm super fussy with smells but this one won me over in a second!

I am generally of the conviction that soaps are much better, less ingredients, less bad stuff going on your precious skin.
Not to mention you get much better quality for a comparatively low price if you take soap vs shower gels.A super gel will cost you much more than a super soap.

This has definitely become one of my must have products and I think it will take a very special shower gel to ever convince me to give this soap up.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Polish Days - Sentimental

One month passed and it means Polish Days again!

This month's theme is: Sentimental

That's a huge area I think and I don't really have polish related memories, basically because my memory is that of a snail (not slow, but vastly unreliable) , so I might have had some cool polish on for some events, but for the life of me, I cannot remember which.

That's why I went for the next best thing: Polish that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
As you may know, I'm a girl. I know, everyone was hoping there was a handsome guy behind this blog, using lipgloss and mascara but no. I'm sorry.

Because I am a girl, I like pink. We all do, you even agreed with me when I did my Pink Post you can read Here .
In any case, I like pink and pastels, so I decided to sentimentalize it a bit more and make a boy meets girl kind of thing.

Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy. They connect.

With that being said, I will show you how that works in polish terms, in my mind.

mi ny w7 pink blue swirl nails connected

Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy. They connect.

See what I did there? I connected them!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Blues : Baby Blue and Polka Dots

Hey mMonday gals!

Today I present the sad story of a cute manicure in less than flattering lighting...

It was an autumn day, quite sunny in general but oh so short. It was around sunset that I realized the daylight was being lost. As much as I tried, time seemed against me and as it so happened, artificial light was all that remained. The horror! The pain!

I never liked artificial light and I never liked using the flash. That's why I didn't. But as much as I tried to make it work, it didn't live up to its cute potential. I can assure you they're so cuddly in person!

So here we go, baby blue with an accent polka dot ring finger in... *dum dum duuuum* Lightbulb Light!
I can hear you covering your mouth. Yes...I said lightbulb!

 You can see the difference in lighting from one room to another, because yes, I tried 'em all.

The true color is, as usual, somewhere in the middle.
I'm thinking about redoing this post in daylight, maybe just for the sake of comparison and a very long discussion about how I like my light. ( Actually that's a short discussion: from the sun )

But there are some other lovely ladies who went all blue today, and here they are:

Gosia from Life in Color!
Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz
Marisa from Polish Obsession

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day : Black and Gold

I'm really liking this theme. Apart from it being the name of a very cool Sam Sparro song, it's also one of my favorite color combinations:

Black and Gold

Black and Gold

It was great fun doing this because you can do so much with black and with gold, even separately.

As you can see, there's a fiar share of baroque patterns, on both the dress an bag. It's simply because I find those patterns to be very noble looking, just as I find both black and gold to be noble looking, so the collaboration of the two is quite perfect.

Now let's talk wedges! Is it just me or are they very very awesome? It's definitely a thing I'd wear if they wouldn't imply my height going to 2m while on them. I don't mind the "heel" as it's super comfortable, I'd just be towering over people more than usual but I have a feeling that one day I'll give into temptation and tower away.
The other booties are also gorgeous and a clearly designed for more formal events and in any case, more chic. The wedges are obviously on the rock 'n roll side of life.

Sequins, can you say gold and not have one or both? That's why we have the sequin shorts and the gorgeous Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow polish.

I find gold to be ideal for accessorizing and I would have added a studded black sweater if I would have found one, as studs work great on black tops. I went with the stud bracelet and the vintage/vintage looking watch. I always find men's watches to look very sexy on a female wrist, and this one is that AND gold. Win win situation!

If you wanna collage away next week, make sure you let me know in a comment or on Twitter @TreasureChestt you want to join. And make sure you VOTE for next week's theme right here:

What do you want next week's theme to be? free polls 

Here's also the other lovely ladies taking part in the Polyvore Collage Day and their links:

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Easiest Autumn Nails

We're all a bit in an autumn nail craze, aren't we?
I know that if I could take autumn and plaster it all over my nails, I'd be a very happy camper, not to mention a very nature coordinated looking one.

So you wonder how o get

mi ny forever young essence special effect topper flakies autumn manicure tutorial

A happy accident made me realize I just need two things:

mi ny forever young essence special effect topper flakies autumn manicure tutorial

A red/dark red/metallic/golden polish and flakies. I used Mi Ny in Forever Young and the Essence Special Effect Topper Flakies.

I had completely forgotten about flakies, and as it so often happens, only  a look in my polish boxes made me remember them again.

The reason I suggested the above colors is because we're going for an autumn look. If you want spring feelings, get your pastel on!

What I like about the Essence topper is that the flakies somehow adapt to the polish,ranging from gold to ivory to red and orange, which makes it quite ideal for a lot of polish colors.

In any case, the one simple step to making your nails feel like foliage is throwing on the flakies!
It should look something like this:

mi ny forever young essence special effect topper flakies autumn manicure tutorial

Doesn't it look like the trees outside?
I was quite surprised by how pretty and how quintessentially autumnal the colors looked.

So my tip to you: Use those flakies!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Matte on Shiny Nails

This is still Nail Week and since it is, I decided to show you a little twist on a manicure you might have seen in my post about Nails on my To Do List .
There were so many pretty things in that post, some of which I've managed to pull off, like the Swirl Nails and the Swirl Nails Tutorial that went with it.

Well, now it's the time for some matte on shiny action.
Looking at those names, I'm starting to think it could be the name of an adult film so let's keep an innocent mind and proceed to the actual manicure.

I took a black polish, then used a matte top coat on the entire nail and then added some shiny strips I already had.
Now of course, these were strips, but you can also just use tape to make your actual strips.

What you have to do is:
  • paint your nail with a normal black polish
  • let it dry completely. I recommend 30 mins to 1h
  • cover the desired areas with tape 
  • use a top coat on the areas that are not covered with tape
  • remove tape and end up with shiny stripes from what the tape covered and where the matte top coat didn't get to.
My Tip: 

If you're using really sticky duct tape, stick it on the palm of your hand a couple of times so it loses a bit of its stickiness and won't come off with half of your polish when you pull it off.


Don't pull it off like there is no tomorrow. Do it gently or else you might again end up with the base polish moving right along too.

If you're having any tape trouble let me know, because I can easily make a tutorial on both getting the strips I used and on getting the manicure without the strips.

Hope you liked!

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