Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Light & Bright Face

This is becoming a habit isn't it? Well, can't say that I mind, because I really like showing you what I wear, especially during sunny spring weekends!

As you can see, I've included a clear nail polish to this, simply because clear polish looks quite fabulous. It gives you the right amount of chic and will always have your nails looking cared for. Now as I was looking for a transparent polish, I came to the stunned conclusion that I only own a Deborah Lippmann one in this particular "shade". Don't ask why I chose to purchase a DL clear polish for I know not, but I feel less guilty now that I actually use it.
A HUGE favourite for the lips is the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp LipGloss . It keeps your lips looking fabulously sheer but also plumps them. It really does. I love the stuff! 
On the eyes, I'm very seldom to be seen without some sort of black contour and the choice of the day is a Models Own Kohl Pencil which, I actually got a as a gift but am using ever so often. I'm more of a liner kind of gal, but this is a soft alternative.
My favourite corner-of-the-eye/browbone highlighter is from the Natural Collection in the shade White Opal. I have yet to find a more beautiful shimmer. And it costs less than 2£!
And then of course, the unmissable Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze, which is quite the stunner!

What's on your face this  weekend?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Spring Lips Selection

I seldom get the urge to use proper lip colour like I do when spring starts. It probably has something to do with wanting to be as bright as the sunshine and the blossoming flowers.
That is why I figured I'd show you some of my "most used" at this point.

Golden Rose - Topshop Lip Bullet - Topshop Lip Crayon swatches spring lips

Let's start with the more surprising addition to the collection, Golden Rose in Shade 40. It's an interesting sandy nude that, to my surprise looks quite nice on me. My lips are that colour that alter any lipstick shade to their liking, distorting it just enough for the lipstick to not look like in "the bottle"anymore, so when I find something that works ok with said distortion, I'm very very glad.

Then of course, my long time favourite, the Topshop Lip Bullet in There She Goes. You'll see in the swatches below that it's quite sheer, but it gives a lovely pinkish coral tint that makes me look quite healthy.
Still from Topshop, another old favourite, is the matte Lip Crayon in Coy. I just LOVE this shade and surprisingly, it looks nice even on my still pale skin. Not to mention the fact that it lasts until forever and beyond. 
I'm just sad that Topshop didn't come out with a wider range of colours for these Lip Crayons, as the deep fuchsia and the Morticia red they have to offer, among others, are not really my thing. But keeping my fingers crossed that more shades are on their way!

And as promised, here's some swatches for you.

Golden Rose - Topshop Lip Bullet - Topshop Lip Crayon swatches

Left to right: Golden Rose - Topshop Lip Bullet - Topshop Lip Crayon

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Weekend Face

I saw that you really liked my post last week of The Sunday Face so I figured I'd do this again. This time, it's a Saturday face, or really a general weekend face. Since I'm looking mildly healthier from repeated sun exposure over the past week, I'm going to be using even less make-up, but we still need to look presentable.

As you can see, I'm still not giving up the cheek tint, since it really gives you a lovely little pop of colour while looking very natural, but have switched to the Benefit Cha Cha Tint, because I'm less pale and more warm toned now.
Another thing I can't give up yet is concealer, this time, the pick is the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, about which I still have mixed feeling but am giving a couple more tries to be sure. Have you tried it? What do you think? I'll be reviewing it soon as well but I'm curious of your experiences.
What I always grab if I want a fast and pretty fix is my Inglot palette that you can see up close and personal Here. It has everything and it is immensely effective!
While I love the Rimmel Lycra Flex Mascara, on the more relaxed days, I will always grab my Eyeko Fat Mascara because well....I'll always love fiber mascara above all else.

Last but not least, what days SPRING IS HEREEEE! more than Barry M's Greenberry  polish? It has been a favourite since summer and you can see what it looks like on my nails in This post.

How's your face looking this weekend? And ladies, if there is sun where you are, enjoy it to the max!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week in Pictures #50

Guys, you need to meet the guinea pig I have been babysitting for my friend. There is nothing more splendiferous than this little dude. Atitude and independence? He has it. Cuddly nose? He has that too? A fluffball? He is!
And add to that the fact that it's spring!

1. Sunny times 2. The guineapiglet!!! 3. On top of Primrose Hill. My favourite place on earth
4. Obligatory legshot 5. My Sunday Face (post right under this one) 6. Reading in the sun
7. Spring Skies 8. It's blossoming! 9. My favourite picture this week

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Sunday Face

My weekends usually are set aside as the time where I put nothing on my face, but today I'm going to be out and about for some mild socialising and wanted to show you what would go on my face for the occasion.
Mind you, my everyday look isn't much different, it just implies extra eyeshadow and liner. I really do like to have as light a coverage as possible, even if at this point in almost spring, my face isn't the healthiest looking of things.

The new discovery I'm VERY happy about is the Elmiplant CC cream, as it has just the amount of coverage I need, is very hydrating and is based on natural ingredients. I used to be a massive consumer of the Maybelline BB cream, but ever since learning they test on bunnies, they are dead to me.

The new under-eye hero is Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I did not think I needed something this light, but it has proven me wrong. It really wakes your face up, especially since I was born with extra darkness around the eyes.

A really new favourite is also from Rimmel, the Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara. I am a firm fiber mascara user, but I saw the word "flex" in this one and figured it would be different. It was indeed! Gives you the most insane lashes,while still not clumping or feeling heavy.

For the cheeks, I've been reaching for Benefit's PosieTint ever so often. I've had it for a while but hadn't used it much. Seems now is the right time. And for the extra glow, I dab a bit of Soap and Glory Glow All Out. Those two combined, or even on their own, will make you look healthy and happy in no time!

Last but not least, my immense darling: Inglot AMC matte lip pencil No. 14. After years of searching for the perfect nude, I have found the perfect "your lips but better" nude.
It's almost unthinkable for me to not have this in my bag at all times.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The 8th of March Lipstick World Record - Join in!

This might just be one of the coolest initiatives I've ever heard of and been involved in: setting a Guinness World Record in simultaneously putting on lipstick.
You heard me!
The idea is to get more than 1002 women together (because that is the number of the previous record) and get them to put on a lovely red lipstick in celebration of Woman's Day at the same time.

Now you're especially lucky if you're in Cluj because then you can actually be part of this!
It will be happening in Iulius Mall, with lipsticks provided by Avon, on March 8th at 6pm.

So then, see you there with a red lip? I mean, who can say they hold a Guinness World Record? You could be one of the very few!

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The most gorgeous handmade soaps by M.Strand

I've been meaning to do this post  for a while, because I wanted to test the product for a nice and long time and then give you a proper review and some swooning. 
Well, I've decided I need to show you the setup of this pretty thing in a separate post than the review because there are so many pictures I want to include, that it would have made for a much too humongous post.

mstrand soap cream moisturizer

One fine day I was walking around Covent Garden when I was drawn in by the most gorgeously arranged little pieces of soap.

When I got closer I literally started squealing a little because of the detail that went into all of them.
I mean,just look!

mstrand soap cream moisturizer covent garden

mstrand soap cream moisturizer covent garden

M.Strand is a handmade skincare brand that make soaps and creams,from what I had the pleasure to see. The amount of care that goes into making, packaging and decorating is simply brilliant and if for nothing else, just go by their stand to marvel at the beauty of it all. It's as if it is pulled straight out of a Hobbit movie, as it has that fairytale look about it all.

mstrand soap cream moisturizer covent garden

The even better news is that they now even have a website, with web store at , but if you have the chance, trust me when I say it will be very worth it to see their stand in person.

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