Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy

You know that feeling of opening your eyes in the morning and realising you can still sleep? Indefinitely! That's the beauty of a Saturday right there! 
And it gets even better when you give your skin something to be happy about! So, much like my Friday Night Pamper, this is the Saturday morning edition, where it's all about making the skin feel nice and clean, and ready for the day!

pixi glow tonic hydraluron mousture jelly l'occitane immortelle essential water good things manuka honey mask review swatch

Since my skin is on the dry side, it's hard to find a clay mask that doesn't leave my face feeling like it's about to tear at the sides. The Good Things Manuka Honey face mask though is doing quite a great job at cleaning without drying. 
I know the Pixi Glow Tonic  and the L'Occitane Immortelle Essential Face Water are both toners, but where the Pixi one lightly exfoliates, the L'Occitane essential water restores hydration and plumpness so they complete eachother very well.
I'm still in the trying out phase with the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and was wondering if you had any experiences with it so far? I have not tried the actual serum yet so if you have and want to share how that worked for you, please do.
I'm definitely someone who prefers oily and thick moisturisers more, like Shea Butter based ones. But this jelly type of thing is definitely much better suited as a make-up base, since it doesn't have anything greasy about it and keeps all of my eye make-up in place nicely.
As soon as I try it out more, I will let you know my full opinion on it. So far, it's nice and cooling, seen as how it's boiling outside!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Easy Peasy Summer Face

You know how people say it always rains in London? They clearly have not been here too lately. I've been successfully dying of heat every single night for probably a week now. Not to mention the humidity.
The plus side of humidity means that I always feel like my skin is hydrated. The downside is that you have to be careful what you put on your face, because it might just melt away. 
This is why I truly keep it to a minimum lately, with nothing more than a moisturiser as a base. With this heat, I cannot deal with any other layer.

But you still gotta look and feel pretty, right? So here's what goes on my face as of late:

First rule is: keep it powdery. 
Especially in humidity, you're better off with powder rather than creamy products. So while I love my creamy illuminator, I've gone with the Soap and Glory Solar Powder instead.
And where I used to be the eternal liner gal, the current substitute is the Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone palette. I can either just use one of the dark colours for liner or create a nice tan summery eye.
A immensely surprising mascara favourite is the Origins GinZing mascara. Yes, they make mascara. I for one did not expect that. And least of all did I expect it to be so great! Your lashes feel and light, beautiful and defined. Exactly my kind of mascara!
And now, my favourite new discovery:  The KIKO Lip Gloss Pencil in 07 Baby Pink. I'm very likely to pick a pencil in favour of a lipstick nowadays. I'll make a separate post on these pencils because I just love them and for 3,90£ they have an almost surreal price-quality ratio!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Friday Evening Facial

It's the weekend! Thank God! 
So it means that after your skin and yourself have been hard at work, there needs to be some time to detox, cleanse and get some love. 
I've decided to give my face a breather and a polish to get it bright and glowy.

I'm so glad to finally grab the beauty that is the Pixi Glow Tonic ! It's not only a tonic but it also gently exfoliates. It's definitely a thing that is very handy to own. Especially living in London, you get a lot of dust and dirt and all sorts of unhappy things thrown at your face. I try to avoid the tube as much as I can, but sometimes it is the fastest route. This doesn't mean that when I emerge from the tunnel, my face is feeling healthy, happy and clean.
So I've definitely moved my routine towards detox and cleansing.
This is where the Dr Brandt Detoxygen Facial  comes in handy! It's a 2-step facial consisting of a mask that oxygenates and detoxes (much like what the name mentions), followed by a detoxifying concentrate cream.
I'll have a review on it up soon, but I can tell you it's the funniest feeling a facial has ever given me.

And of course, to finish off and moisturise, my favourite mask comes into play: The Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight.
Even now, after about a year of using it regularly, it still saves my dry skin so plump and hydrated.

What do you use to help your skin out?

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Catch-Up Post in Photos

Know now, this will be one full with pictures.
I have finally settled in, after moving 3 times in a month and almost moving again last week. I've even managed to get into work routine and am slowly starting to find time for Saturday brunches in cute little cafes. Living in Shoreditch definitely has its perks!

Hipster Mac became even more hipster/ One of the favourite hangouts...before figuring out it was hay fever central! / Like I said, 'Before' hay fever /  Hills man, hills!

I've definitely been converted to Costa/ Hackney: the place they show dogs love on a hot day/ Columbia Rd Flower Market / Doing what needs to be done

The 'hood if you will / Being a complete and utter outlaw! /  Oh how happy I was for the existence of those slip-ons / One of the best brunches I have ever had and the cutest coffee

Sunny day happiness / I definitely developed an obsession with those shoes and had to get them! / The time I went wild with hummus / Ye morning joy

Pretty sunsets / Yes, it occasionally also rains in London / Pretty drinks being photobombed on the Selfridges roof bar / Carnaby Street just got plugged in it seems

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