Monday, January 7, 2013

Let's Try Some Caviar Nails

New year, new week, new things to put on my nails.
I've been wanting to try caviar nails for a while now and since I saw the Nail Constellations on the MUA website, it was an easy option of giving them a try.

Let me show you the result.

It's not that bad from this angle, but at a closer look it is quite the failed try. It was pretty messy to apply and the balls got stuck in the little tube which made it not funny when they started bursting out all at once when you least expected it.

I'm sure I could get better the more I try, but I'm not even sure it will survive my first shower, so I don't know if it's worth the time.
If you want it for a special occasion or a night out then by all means, go for it. It looks quite fascinating on my nails.

As you can see it looks a bit messy and has quite some "bald spots".
I am super curious how long they will hold, as I used a top coat, just to be sure. They seem like they're stuck in there pretty well, but who knows.

What I think is a plus point, is the fact that if some of the balls fall off, you still have the nail polish under that should stay somewhat intact, so there's less of that ugly chipping.

I know there's just a bit of blue in them, but I think they still qualify for Monday Blues,don't they?
Should have tried to make a pattern with the blue ones, but that would have only worked on one hand,as my left one is pretty useless in the art of nail.

And since we're talking blue, here's the other ladies making their nails pretty and blue today

Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz
Marisa from Polish Obsession 
Mandy from Chameleon Stampede

They did indeed not survive the first shower, actually some fell off by the first time I washed my hands and what was left were circle shaped bald spots on my nail. The polish went off with it too.

That and my hair was really not enjoying the texture of the "caviar" while I was trying to pull it up.
My conclusion is that it was a one time thing and shall not be done again, no matter how pretty they are.
On the bright side, you can remove them by just pulling the little balls off, they are very eager to fall.

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  1. Pretty nails!

  2. Very unique. You did a great job!

  3. So fun! I haven't done the caviar yet. Curious to know ho it holds up.

    1. If you haven't then I won't be the one to push you to do so
      They really got a bit annoying towards the end of their life haha

  4. I really want to try these, and agree, they might be best saved for a special occasion. Let us know how they go after a shower!

    Rebecca @

    1. They really should. I just posted the update and it ain't pretty

  5. Thankyou!
    They really are pretty,too bad they're a bit annoying :P

  6. These look lovely but I agree with your opinion on their lack of staying power. I kept finding little balls all day as I realised my nails where getting bare. Will use for a night out maybe.
    Megan xo



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