Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Catch-Up Post in Photos

Know now, this will be one full with pictures.
I have finally settled in, after moving 3 times in a month and almost moving again last week. I've even managed to get into work routine and am slowly starting to find time for Saturday brunches in cute little cafes. Living in Shoreditch definitely has its perks!

Hipster Mac became even more hipster/ One of the favourite hangouts...before figuring out it was hay fever central! / Like I said, 'Before' hay fever /  Hills man, hills!

I've definitely been converted to Costa/ Hackney: the place they show dogs love on a hot day/ Columbia Rd Flower Market / Doing what needs to be done

The 'hood if you will / Being a complete and utter outlaw! /  Oh how happy I was for the existence of those slip-ons / One of the best brunches I have ever had and the cutest coffee

Sunny day happiness / I definitely developed an obsession with those shoes and had to get them! / The time I went wild with hummus / Ye morning joy

Pretty sunsets / Yes, it occasionally also rains in London / Pretty drinks being photobombed on the Selfridges roof bar / Carnaby Street just got plugged in it seems

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