Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Herome Mint Polish Mini

I was at a Douglas couple weeks ago,in the search for hand lotion if I remember well. But as it always happens with me,I end up getting some sort of nail polish at the end of any trip.
This one was an obvious marketing trap. I saw it,I acknowledged it,I went for it: A cute bowl of minis sitting there at the register.
What was I supposed to do,ignore it? That would have been rude!
That's when I saw a little mint polish staring at me. It would have been even more disrespectful to not glance back...and then it was need at first sight.

The little polish was a Herome polish. Herome is a dutch brand of natural nail polishes. I don't know yet what the generally accepted definition of "natural nail polish" is. It could be because they are water based,or because they use non chemical or bio-degradable ingredients and are Toluene,Dbp and Formaldehyde free...or all of the above. There is no list of ingredients on the bottle so that I can confirm it.

They don't seem to name their minis,so since this one falls under the "mint" category,I will call it just that.

What I can tell you though is that it is the polish that has stayed on my nails longest without chipping. After a week of perfect condition I took it off because I wanted to put a new color on my nails,but I do suspect that it would have gone on looking great for another couple of days.

All in all,I'm pretty impressed with it.The only thing was,it needed 3 coats to look good,which is one more than I usually do,but it wasn't too much of a hassle so I'll go with it.


  1. This is the perfect mint colour, I absolutely love it <3 I found your blog through BBU bloghop and Im now following you :) x


    1. hehe,i think it's blogspot.co.uk not bloghop
      the mind is a funny thing isn't it?

      Following back! :)

  2. Love this mint nail polish- such a pretty colour :)

    Found you via the BBU blog hop!!

    Have followed your blog....

    Here's mine:


  3. Just found your blog through BBU Blog Hop. Following :)

    Follow back?

    Kendall & Tiana

  4. Gorgeous colour! :)
    Mint is one of ma favourites for summer.

    found you at the BBU blog hop.
    new follower.



  5. I am so loving mint and pastels but I NEED a mint green nail varnish in my life!



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