Friday, August 3, 2012

July Favorites

This past month,I've been using very few products as temperatures have been above 30C almost each day.
With that heat,I personally like my skin to be able to breathe and feel light so less really has been more in July.
That's why I'll show you my favorite beauty products of the month.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer and Highlighter

I've been using this one for years now and am still liking it a lot. The great thing about it is that it adapts to your skin and will actually, well...match to perfection.
Another thing I like is that it is also a highlighter and doesn't just act as your regular concealer. I've given a number of other concealers a go,just to have an alternative in case of emergency. From Estée Lauder to Benefit,nothing worked as well as this one. It also is quite cheap: 7.99€  and lasts a very long time.
Of course you will want to change it out regularly ,as it has a brush tip and might end up causing more bad than good once bacteria gets on it, but it is worth it.

Catrice Black Gel Eyeliner 

Last year gel eyeliners started getting popular and as an avid consumer of eyeliner I wanted to give it a try.It quickly turned out that it was much easier to maneuver and had a much better coverage. That's when I was hooked and remained hooked ever since.To be honest,Catrice was the first one I found,and I kinda just stuck with it since I was satisfied.
To me,eyeliner and mascara can easily be enough make-up,and gel eyeliner serves its purpose really,really well.

Manhattan Multi Effect Eyeshadow in Cotton Candy

This one is just a very,very pretty and subtle pink that brightens up the eyes and works amazingly well with eyeliner.

Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara

I suggest you read my post about it ,because it has very quickly become on of my favorite mascaras!

Vichy 3 in 1 One Step Cleaner

The best thinkg to have ever happened to my make-up removal routine. It is a cleansing milk,toner and eye make-up remover in one. I can honestly say that there is nothing my eyes appreciate more than this. It's very gentle on them and successfully removes even the most attached eye make-up. I'm super pleased with it and will write a full review about it soon!

I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Hand Cream

Summer,sun...dried out hands. Not only cold gets to them,but heat and sun exposure too.As I already have dry hands and nails that are at risk of becoming brittle,I always have some hand cream in my bag. This one just happens to smell so good!

China Glaze Surfin' for Boys

Oh coral neon,how I love the! This one was adoration at first wear,and since it is a neon,it is perfect for summer. About this one,you can read all my swooning right Here.

I'm curious,what have you used most this month?


  1. Oh wow that nail polish is eye-watering bright :P Don't think I'd ever be able to pull that off xD

    I've been meaning to try something from Vichy - might pick this up next time I'm in Boots :-) Might get it after your review (^__^) xxx

    1. hey,it's summer,anything goes! especially on nails! ;)

      Vichy is really great.It's the one thing that my sensitive eyes accept and actually like.Their face creams are also really good,you really should give them a go if you can :)

  2. Wohoooo u have a new follower...



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