Monday, December 2, 2013

The Ultimate SnowFlake Nails

It's December and that means, if it hasn't snowed on you yet, it will. Soon. So to get mentally prepared and to add some extra joy to the whole occasion, I thought what better way to start the month than with pristine white nails. With a twist!

nails nail polish bornpretty store snowflake winter nails

I had been looking for nail foil for a while and it does seem, I could only find it at the Born Pretty Store who stock  A LOT and I do mean a lot of nail supplies. If it was an actual physical store, I might leave it with more than I can carry.
So in their humongous nail foil section, I decided on this one , a gorgeous white foil with rainbow reflexes.

I've been using it on all sorts of colors, pastels, darks, oxblood. It looks pretty spectacular on black nail polish by the way, but now was the turn of the white, and let me tell you, they look perfect together.
The polish looks like it would have a rainbow metallic sheen of wet on top. I'll admit to staring at my nails for a good 10 minutes.
This is the closest photo I could get of said "wet look".

nails nail polish bornpretty store snowflake winter nails

Can we also discuss the fact that the whole roll of joy is just around 2$ ? I mean... Talk about fully affordable nail art .
And it's super easy to apply:

1. Put on your favorite nail polish, preferably 2 coats
2. Let it dry but only almost. Test it by pressing down your finger on the nail and if you have a somewhat visible fingerprint, it's time!
3. Cut a piece of foil and just dab it on the nail, it will automatically stick.

And a piece of advice: Don't use top coat! It will just take away the natural sheen and reflexion of the foil. It looks so much better without a top coat.

Now, if you'd like to order it yourself ( or one of the gazillion other gorgeous foils), I've got a nice little 10% Discount Code for you.
Just use  WEL91 at checkout after landing on by clicking the link or the banner in the side toolbar.

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  1. Aww your nails are so, so pretty xx

    1. I'm sure it's what's on them that makes them pretty, I was just thinking I need to trim them to regenerate hehe x

  2. They look amazing, so festive and pretty!

    Leanne xx | Seeking Serendipity

  3. They look so nice, the finish is really pretty!



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