Thursday, December 20, 2012

My First MUA Order

"Took you long enough" I hear you say. Well, because MakeUp Academy reached 35k Facebook fans and had free shipping plus a considerable discount, I decided to give them a go.
I'm usually somewhat skeptical about relatively cheap cosmetics, especially the kind you apply on your skin in sensitive areas such as eyes or lips. I've had less than jolly experiences with the likes of Elf and that kind of put me off.
Also, I would have had to order MUA online, since they don't really sell them outside the UK.
But I  had heard so much great things about them that I figured this would be the perfect time to stock up on some.                
I will tell you now, I was INCREDIBLY surprised! In a positive way.

mua makeup academy heaven and earth palette lipstick shade 14 15 swatch bare juicy lip boom cheeky lip boom great lips love hearts lip balm eyebrow pencil brunette swatches

Here's what I got:
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
Lip Boom in
Lip Boom in Cheeky
Lipstick Shade 14 Bare, but I got shade 15 Juicy.
Might have been a mix up but I don't mind at all,since I really like shade 15!
Love Hearts Lip Balm Great Lips
Eyebrow Pencil Brunette

I am someone who's hard to please in the lipstick department and don't work well with anything that's not the perfect combination of dry and moist.
To my surprise, the MUA lipsticks are just that! MAC for example is off my lips in no time, but it feels super moisturizing.Well, these stay on my lips and you get the feeling they really wanna stay there, while not drying out my lips. Not to mention they are matte and I'm mad about that!

As for the Heaven and Earth Palette, I'd been looking for these colors for as long as I can remember! I wanted to get that Addison Montgomery sheer, but naturally glowy California eye makeup look ( for those of you who watch Private Practice and know, for those who do not Here is a picture of the eye look I mean.)
Well, I got it! The first time I played around with this, I was a bit "meh", but the moment I tried it on and combined them, I was the happiest puppy ever! 

The eyebrow pencil is a bit too ginger for my eyebrows. My eyebrows have an interesting black-but-not-really-but-definitely-not-too-brown thing going on and it's an almost impossible task to find something that fits. That's why I'll probably stick to my gel liner residue technique that for some reason is the right color.

All in all I was very surprised by how great MUA is and I will be definitely be ordering some more soon as I'm not thinking of trying every single lipstick they have to offer. If the shades I was sure don't work on me, clearly work just great, I think everything is possible!

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  1. The palette is just perfect. I love these colours.


  2. I have Heaven and earth, it has gorgeous colors..:)

    1. I think,a fter how great this one is, I should try some other palettes too

  3. Enjoy your purchases! The eye palette looks great!

  4. I love MUA, they are fantastic!


  5. I love MUA their makeup is fantastic x

  6. I have just got that palette and I love it! I'd been looking for a nude palette for a while too and it definitely fit the bill. :) Lovely post!

    Leanne xx


    1. So glad you like!
      I've been looking for this kind of nude colors for so long and I'm very excited to have found it. Makes me wanna go get all of their palettes!



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