Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How To Make Your Perfect Shampoo

Couple of weeks ago I was traveling and didn’t have my shampoo with me. For a few nights, we ended up staying with relatives and obviously showering/washing hair there.
This also meant, using the available shampoo.
My luck was, that there were two shampoos there and both of them sounded pretty well separately.
But they sounded much better together, which  made me think: Why not mix them?

Yep, mixing shampoo. Sounds funny but works great!

The two shampoos were  

GUHL Prachtvoll Lang  ( “Beautiful Long” thus for long hair) and
GUHL Kopfhaut Sensitiv  (“Sensitive Scalp Skin” which pretty much meant it keeps the skin on your head from drying out )

Together, they’d make a pretty great couple, wouldn’t they?
Caring for long hair and keeping your scalp from drying out. Not a lot of shampoos can pride themselves with offering that combination. Most just focus on one. Not because it would be hard to focus on more, but from a marketing perspective, keeping things simple and offering a variety of products is good for business.

This is why I did the following:

 Held out my hand, one drop of one, one drop of the other and voila ! 
The new shampoo was born!



And I must say, I was satisfied with the result!

So why not combine a couple of shampoos that fulfill your needs separately and make it into one big super awesome, all-need fulfilling shampoo ?

I encourage you to try some out if you have them at hand or go out and get the ones you always wanted to try but that weren’t  “just right”.

For example, anti dandruff shampoos only have one purpose. But if your hair is also dry, you’ll need a product to help with moisturizing ( hair masks will cause dandruff, simply because of the mask residue they leave behind). Which means, dandruff shampoo and moisturizing shampoo make perfect shampoo! 

Test and try and you might end up with a perfect hair loving wash!
And also let me know if you do or plan on doing it, I’m super curious what you’d mix!

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  1. This is a good idea - it has never even crossed my mind! :) x

    1. wouldn't have crossed mine either I think,if this particular combo wouldn't have been there

  2. Great idea! lovely blog! feel free to visit mine whenever you like! we could also follow each other too.

  3. Hey lovely..nominated you for the Liebster Award:

    1. you add up to 122 Q's to answer now,so it's a bit impossible to do the award blog,but I'm following you :)

  4. What a simple, yet great idea! I never thought of this. I do sometimes use a different shampoo and conditioner, but you might as well mix the two purposes instead of seperate them!


    1. I think you could,let me know how it works! :)

  5. i nominated you for the liebster award more info here....



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