Monday, February 25, 2013

The Nail Series: Sally Hansen The Real Teal

You might have witnessed my intense swooning last week when I showed you another gorgeous Sally Hansen color, Gunmetal. Well, in the same package came this little beauty also. 
It's called The Real Teal  and I think we're going to be VERY good friends.

sally hansen xtreme wear the real teal swatch manicure nails
I'd like to take a moment to point out what an awesome name this polish has. Then let's take another moment to just stare at the utter gorgeousness of this color.

sally hansen xtreme wear the real teal swatch manicure nails

I like Mint and I like Aqua and I like Turquoise and it seems that Teal somehow magically combines all of those colors into one perfect blue-green shade that stands out just the amount I'd like it to.
It's a perfect spring color, but then's a perfect summer color too and if you think about it, it works great in autumn too, not to mention how well it brightens up a dull winter day.
I've pledged allegiance to the Mint but gosh darnit, this is serious competition for an all-year favorite color.

Like all other Sally Hansen polishes I've tried so far, this one also stays on your nail for a nice, long time and I really like how easy the application is. Lately, I've been looking for polishes that are easy to apply and don't make you get extra concerned about streaks or the texture being too thick.
Beside China Glaze, these ones have made it into my top picks. I sometimes struggle with Essie for example and I've even had some OPIs misbehaving, but so far there was no sign of that with Sally Hansen polishes.

I'm dying to try new ones now because spring is just around the corner and we need happy nails to match the happy weather!

Speaking of happy stuff, here's some more happy blue nails:

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  1. Replies

    1. Isn't it just? It's all sorts of great and optimistic. Perfect for gloomy days

  2. Love this shade of blue! I am currently obsessed with the color blue at the moment haha


    1. Oh that's very understandable, blue is one of the best colors in my opinion. The sky and the sea have it, you can't beat it

  3. Replies

    1. Multumesc! Cred ca acum o sa plec in cautarea la mai multe nuante de genul!

  4. Lovely colour! I love the subtle shimmer!



    1. You can barely notice it, I'm very impressed you saw it!

  5. Replies
    1. Me too. Before I'd just call it "that awesome blue" now it has a name haha

  6. I love colours like these :) very gorgeous! I have a similar one from OPI.

  7. Lovely ♥ It's a great shade of blue, I would actually wear it :)



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