Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Post and The Sunset Nails!

Aaaaah,the dreaded first post!Feels like this is a make or break,when really it's just a step to better things. But less philosophy and more pictures I say! I'll start off with nails. I have an amazing fascination with nail polishes and "amazing fascination" is putting it very mildly.
What I'm showing you is an idea I got from watching a sunset. The base is OPI's Hot and Spicy and the gold is a gold from Farmasi that is sponged on. Sponging I say? Why yes indeed! A tutorial will follow,no worries!
I usually sponge when I want to do gradients,which means I  start from the top,not the bottom of the nail.This was pretty interesting to do,and quite messy around the nail beds too,but the gold polish was pretty sheer so it was an easy cleanup.

   And the obligatory close up of my thumb,as you do :)
 Is this the end of my post? That worked out pretty well. There's tons of things I still want to show you so stay tuned!

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