Saturday, June 30, 2012

Glitter Mania!

You will find out this about me: I am crazy for glitter. This is why,when I see it,I wish to have it.In piles!
Such was the case with these W7 polishes.

Here's a close up at each of them.Swatches will of course follow!

Cosmic Blue

Cosmic Black

Actually tried this on one finger. Not a good idea to wear it without a top coat,because of the feel,but it looks pretty great.

Cosmic Mauve

Silver Dazzle

And of course,the amazing Gold Dazzle that I've already tried!


  1. These look amazing! and W7 is affordable as well :) I'd get the gold and rose one if i'd find these :)

    1. This was the gold from the oxblood and nude glitter nails and they really are super cheap. I'll admit I haven't tried the Cosmic Mauve yet...need to get that sorted :P



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