Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Holy Base Coat

Base coats:an eternal quest.
Fact is,it takes a lot to find a base coat that works for you,and works,and works.
I had been using one for a while when suddenly it turned out that it had the magic ability to make nail polish peel off. Very spectacular,but not too practical.
So today I went on a quest for a replacement. I wanted one that kept the nails from discoloring and that would also act as a ridge filler. I have a very cool skill of always cutting or scratching my nails in some way,so this would have to be so kind and help me out with that also.
And what I found,I found at HEMA. HEMA is a dutch "everything store" and with time,I've come to conclude they make quite good nail products.
The base coat I found was the " 2 in 1 Ridge Filler & Base Coat"

What It does is the following:
And for everyone who doesn't speak dutch,it means:
2 in 1 ridge filler and base coat.Fills ridges and makes the nails smooth.Protects against discoloration caused by frequent application of nail polish.Increases the adherence of your polish.Forms a perfect base for your manicure.Next,we have ingredients:

I personally am just thrilled it has no Formaldehyde,as it has a tendency to dry out my already dry nails.

Bottom Line
After applying it to my nails I was surprised to see that my most recent deep, knife caused ridge has been indeed filled out perfectly.
The only issue is that it dried a little slower than previous base coats,and I had to re-apply on one finger. after smudging it.But it might have also been because the layer was a bit thick in that spot.
All in all,so far, it's looking good. I'll get back to you in a couple weeks to see if it kept the polish on better and if it protected from any discoloration.

If you have any questions about it,or want to get your hands on it and don't know how,just leave a comment and I'll help out gladly!

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