Friday, September 21, 2012

Making Nail Polish!

It would seem that I'm in  DIY fever, wouldn't it?

Well the thing is, I gave making  nail polish a shot and seem to have created the color I had been looking for most of the year and that I'm sure I'll be wearing a lot this autumn!
Couldn't believe it worked out so well and have been staring at it ever since.
What I was also surprised by was how easy it was to make!

It takes a couple of super easy steps and you can create the shade that you've always wanted and could maybe never find or get your hands on!

Step 1

Get a transparent nail polish, the colors you want to mix and a toothpick to mix it with.The color should be in powder form; either get a pigment or pick some eyeshadows and scrape them off on a piece of paper. If you've scraped your eyeshadow dust off, make it as fine as possible by pounding it a bit more so that it breaks up in smaller pieces and ends up being like fine dust.
You can pick ONE or MORE colors to play with and mix around.

Step 2

Pous the powder into the polish bottle either with a small funnel or with an improvised funnel by bending a piece of paper in the middle and using it as a slide.

Step 3

Use the toothpick to mix it in the beginning and then shake it. It's much easier to mix it by shaking, especially with just pigments.

Step 4

In step 4 you can just sit back and admire the gorgeous shade you have created

Have you ever tried making your own polish? How did it work out?

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  1. i remember making my own nail polish a couple years back, and the pigment just sank and settled at the bottom:( I hope that doesn't happen to yours! xoxo

    1. It depends on how heavy the pigment is,so it might sink.But normally,if you shake it again,it will go back to being perfect polish again. If not...then something has gone a bit wrong

  2. What a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing! This way you can make your perfect nailpolish. I'm familiar with the problem of not finding the right colour nailpolish. A few years ago, when nailpolish wasn't such a populair product, I couldn't find grey anywhereeeee. Wish I had known about this DIY sooner!


    1. Oh I know! I had the grey phase too,way before grey was around. Then came the mint phase,also way before mint was around. Found the first mint at Claire's was an awful polish but it was finally mint haha

  3. I've heard about quite a few of these DIYs going terribly wrong, but yours looks amazing!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. I can imagine. And especially if you wanna add glitter and don't have the metal balls to keep it mixed,you end up with glitter mud

  4. I tried this out with an Urban Decay loose eyeshadow, and it just sank to the bottom. No matter how hard or long I shook it, it stayed at the bottom. I do want to try again though, maybe with a MAC pigment or something.

    1. Did you mix it in the beginning? Aka broke it up with a toothpick or something similar? It might have just been the eyeshadow though, this one sank a bit too,but two shakes later and it was in top shape again



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