Friday, October 12, 2012

All About The Beautiful Marseille Soap

Let me tell you the story of the most beautiful soap I have ever used.

It's girly, it's lush, it smells incredible and it is so good to my skin!

Le Savon de Marseille, or simply Marseille Soap in English. This soap has been made in France (in Marseille, as the name says) for over 600 years now and the recipe has pretty much stayed the same.

It's made from just vegetable fats and oils, so no animal components, which should make vegans jolly.
Traditionally, it is mixed with sea water from the Mediterranean. ( How awesome does that sound! )

I found these soaps by accident at a home decor store called Bamboo and was super excited about it because I had heard so many good things about the Marseille soap but was never able to actually find it and buy it.
I got these two: Lavander and Forest Fruit.
As girls usually do, what did I try out first? Exactly, the pinkish looking one!

I love the look they have, it really looks like something that could have been made couple hundred years ago. Nothing too fancy, but beautifully traditional.
Not to mention I jumped up and down when I saw it also had Shea Butter ( the Beurre de Karite you can see written in the upper right corner.)
If you don't know how obsessed I am with Shea Butter ( and for a good reason!) , you can read all bout the Why I Love and the How I Like to use it on the links right there.

I used to be absolutely fascinated with this Shea Butter and Adzuki Bean Soap but I have to say ... this one beats it by a mile!

Like I've repeated so many times, my skin is super dry, and with the weather and temperatures changing, it got an extra boost  of  "oh no,it's getting drier!"

But my skin didn't even feel remotely dry! AND it makes the most lush foam! I now basically look forward to showering so I can cuddle with the foam. The softest, most delicate foam you will have ever touched!

Not to mention that one day I just decided to see what happens if I foam my face up a bit too. Well, what happened was that my eyeliner and mascara made a very clear disappearance from the scene.
I would have never thought it removes make-up so well too!

And the smell....oh the smell! Incredible! I'm super fussy with smells but this one won me over in a second!

I am generally of the conviction that soaps are much better, less ingredients, less bad stuff going on your precious skin.
Not to mention you get much better quality for a comparatively low price if you take soap vs shower gels.A super gel will cost you much more than a super soap.

This has definitely become one of my must have products and I think it will take a very special shower gel to ever convince me to give this soap up.

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  1. well made me super curious :)
    ma duc azi sa vad cum miros astea ce le-ai ales.
    Si in Inmedio (magazinele de ziare) au aparut , 10 lei bucata, dar am facut alegerea nefericita Aloe Vera care mirosea groaznic.



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