Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week in Pictures #5

Spring is in the air! And that means that my photos will start looking much more optimistic from now on. You can even see I'm starting with the blue sky pictures and many more that feature Sun, The Sun.

My new Discovery: orange carrot juice. Delicious! / See what I mean? Sun,sky and me. I did like the reflection though, a lot. That's why I took the picture

And some more sky that is looking better by the day! / The past week I've been staring down at my new boots quite a lot. And have been enjoying it.

The packaging of this tea was so cute,too bad the tea turns too bitter too soon / Dog.Sausage Dog.A very inspired t-shirt worn by my friend the other day.

How I like to see this in the morning! Perfection. / My friend is obsessed with bubble wrap. So I put a bow on it and gave it to her as a gift

How has your week been? Hope just as sunny!

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  1. Sucul arata delicios. De unde?
    Si foarte funny si inspirat cadoul pt prietena ta :)))

  2. We're finally having some sun as well! I've been really missing it.

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


    1. I can't believe it's finally here. Looking back,winter seems to have been really fast


    2. Btw, loving your new blog layout!

  3. Ooh the Orange/carrot juice actually sounds quite nice! Might pull out my juicer and try it out. ^^

    Also lmao @ the last pic. Wish my friends would do that, I'm a bubble wrap fanatic too hahaha


    1. It really is!
      Oh my friend kept it on her desk and just pops a bubble every now and then,to extend it for as long as she can haha



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