Friday, October 5, 2012

Matte on Shiny Nails

This is still Nail Week and since it is, I decided to show you a little twist on a manicure you might have seen in my post about Nails on my To Do List .
There were so many pretty things in that post, some of which I've managed to pull off, like the Swirl Nails and the Swirl Nails Tutorial that went with it.

Well, now it's the time for some matte on shiny action.
Looking at those names, I'm starting to think it could be the name of an adult film so let's keep an innocent mind and proceed to the actual manicure.

I took a black polish, then used a matte top coat on the entire nail and then added some shiny strips I already had.
Now of course, these were strips, but you can also just use tape to make your actual strips.

What you have to do is:
  • paint your nail with a normal black polish
  • let it dry completely. I recommend 30 mins to 1h
  • cover the desired areas with tape 
  • use a top coat on the areas that are not covered with tape
  • remove tape and end up with shiny stripes from what the tape covered and where the matte top coat didn't get to.
My Tip: 

If you're using really sticky duct tape, stick it on the palm of your hand a couple of times so it loses a bit of its stickiness and won't come off with half of your polish when you pull it off.


Don't pull it off like there is no tomorrow. Do it gently or else you might again end up with the base polish moving right along too.

If you're having any tape trouble let me know, because I can easily make a tutorial on both getting the strips I used and on getting the manicure without the strips.

Hope you liked!

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  1. So cool! The shiny stripes look kind of 3D haha :)



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