Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Top Autumn Nail Polishes & Swatches

I've decided to do a little top 5 of my most worn autumn nail polishes.

Well because 5 would have looked uneven, guess what I did? I made a Top 6.
OCD? Nah, just more polishes to show!

Let us begin, shall we?

I will take each row, left to right.
First up,we have Essie Bobbing For Baubles. Such a unique color! 
I did a whole post about it that you can read and especially look at HERE

Next, there's Mi-Ny in Forever Young . I've been looking for a good dark red for quite a while now and I think I can say This is it! 
You might remember seeing it in the tutorial for The Super Easy Autumn Nails I did.

Then some Catrice. Left there's In the Bronx , a gorgeous shimmering gold bronze color! 
I also used it in the latest tutorial that involved super autumny crunchy nails and that you can find Right HERE.
And on the right, one of my latest, called After Eight.  
For some reason I was sure it was blue when I got it. Might have been the light in the store but  can say I regret nothing! Such a beautiful dark green color! Makes me think of mature nature and autumn.

And of course,we had to have a nude. This one from Farmasi is, I think, as nude as it gets. I mean, it almost looks like I have flesh colored nails but I really like it. Sadly, these polishes come with no name and apparently the number of this one got lost somewhere too. Truth is, I've owned this polish for a bit over 2 years now I think, so I'm not even sure it's available anymore, but each autumn, it makes an appearence.

Last but not least: My Self Made Polish.
What a proud polish maker momma I am! It's the kind of color that combines everything I like. The unique color and the gorgeous shimmer to go along. The name is still being created but I think it will be called something with "Midnight". You can see the process of making it HERE and some more swatches in a post I did a bit later, Right HERE

What do you think? Liking my colors? What are yours?

If you're curious, this was the TOP 5 Metallic polishes I did last month being sure they'd be my Top Autumn polishes too.

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  1. I need that essie shade in my life

    1. Yep, sounds exactly like my reaction when I first layed my eyes on the polish!

  2. Hi Joanna

    I would love to be able to wear those darker colours, I think the nude is for me.

    Now following you via GFC through the hop.

    Hope you can visit my blog sometime.

    1. Thanks so much for following! Just got back home after a week but I'll check out your blog asap!
      I think with many colors you'd e surprised how well they can look on you once you try them. Half of these polishes I never wanted to try :P

  3. Pretty colours, especially the Essie one simply fab!! Ixx

    1. Really is, been wearing it for almost a week and I'm not bored yet

  4. In The Bronx.. Sigh, my all time favourite! Your bottle still looks so nice!
    The letters on mine are all faded away haha


    1. oh you should see the other side of it,peeling off nicely haha



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