Monday, January 28, 2013

Minty Glitter Nails

I'm not one to do accent nails too often. Don't know why, I just like to have the pretty stuff on all 10, but this time I figured a bit of glitter would cheer up my mint nails even more.

The Essence Glitter I used has been a huge favorite when I got it, about a year ago. The problem is just that it's jelly based, so it takes forever to dry.
And because I haven't used it too much, it has become thicker. But a few drops of thinner solved that.

Moving on to the mint polish, the Australis Sweet Pea is more hard to photograph than I thought.It looks pretty green here but in reality it is much more turquoise. But super cheery nevertheless! 

mint glitter nails australis sweet pea essence confetti glitter special effect topper swatch manicure
For a pretty bleak winter's day, this color is ideal methinks. It really cheers me up just looking at my nails.
The issue with this polish is that it applies quite streaky, but it is a polish free from most nasty things, so I'm going  to compromise gladly.

mint glitter nails australis sweet pea essence confetti glitter special effect topper swatch manicureThe polishes used are the Essence Special Effect Topper and Australis Sweet Pea.
Not sure if the Essence glitter is still available everywhere, but I've seen it around a couple of months ago, still. So there is a good chance you can find it.
Also, I did not put any top coat on for these pictures, so the streaks are probably very easily fixed with a coat over it..

What do you think, does this brighten up Mondays a bit? 
And if you want more blues, the ladies below polished their nails perfectly in the color!

Gosia from Life in Color!
Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz
Marisa from Polish Obsession
Mandy from Chameleon Stampede    

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  1. I love this colour combination it is so pretty x


    1. I'm a sucker for mint,every chance I get, I'll use it hehe

  2. I bought the same "glorious aquarius" glitter in a chemists here in Poland, it doesn't even look half as good as on your pic. Colors are the same and I like it a lot, but the glitter seems too thick (so the surface looks crappy after it dries, and any coating means waiting for it to dry forever agaaainn), reluctantly leaves the brush, and overall, the jelly based polish got very gluey in a very short time (about two months).

    I probably got some bad batch ._. But it looks so nice I will try do something with it again.


    1. No, you got the universal batch. If it wouldn't be this pretty, I'd never put up with it. Takes many coats to get to this result and way too long to dry
      But man it's pretty haha

  3. Beautiful shades :x

  4. Replies

    1. Mersi mult! e numa bun de iarna cand incepe sa devina tot gri in jur :)

  5. They look so pretty! xx

  6. I would kill for the Essence Topper!!


    1. Don't haha. If I find another, I'll get it for you



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