Monday, February 24, 2014

Holy Grail? Yes! Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

When I moved into the new flat in London, I noticed a bit too late ( as you do ) that I was missing several household essentials. Now as I was pretty busy, I remembered hearing about this magical 18-in-1 product and since I am always looking for an excuse to run off to Whole Foods, I went ahead and picked up this beauty.

Now the thing with this huge soap bottle is that it is fair trade, completely natural and basically only does you good.
You can imagine I was needing a shower gel first and foremost, but without some sort of moisturiser, my skin usually doesn't operate too well. I was clearly a bit afraid since I was completely out of moisturiser and trying out a new shower gel. But to my complete relief, my skin did not only feel squeaky clean, it also did not feel dry at all.
Apart from being a really good shower gel, I've had the pleasure to test various other uses it has.
Obviously, I had no dishwashing soap nor laundry detergent, but lo and behold, listed among its 18 uses, those two were included!
And let me tell you, they actually wash dishes and clothes really well! I mean, you're probably as shocked reading this as I was washing the dishes.

Another really fantastic thing it does is get your makeup brushes squeaky clean, as well as clean your face when you want some extra cleansing after removing your makeup. Now this particular use, I wouldn't say is best tested every day. If you have a cleanser, use that one, but if you need something to get the job done, this is your guy. It probably works perfect on normal skin types, but my dry self needs a bit more hydration.
I am also proud to report I've washed my hair with it ( I've tested it thoroughly guys!) and was very pleased with the results.I could see myself using it in summer on a more regular basis, but in winter, much like with my skin, I need to add some moisture and extra TLC.

Last but not least,they also say you can brush your teeth with this. Remember when I said I was thorough? Well, I was more curious than anything and I did that too. As far as cleaning, it cleans. In terms of taste...well it's like sucking on soap. Not too unexpected.
I really did try it to satisfy my curiosity, but indeed I did not die intoxicated or anything, and so far, all that it says it really does.

You can pick this up online at, at Whole Foods and I remember seeing it at &Other Stories too, but it was much too overpriced there, so I wouldn't recommend it.
My almost 500ml bottle cost around 9 Pounds, and I think that's a pretty great investment.

Have any of you tried it?

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  1. Sounds amazing! Never heard of it too so thanks for sharing!

  2. I've heard of this but still am yet to get my hands on it, but you've pushed it to the top of my wishlist now :) Thanks for this great review x

    Claire | AgentSmyth



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