Sunday, March 2, 2014

The most gorgeous handmade soaps by M.Strand

I've been meaning to do this post  for a while, because I wanted to test the product for a nice and long time and then give you a proper review and some swooning. 
Well, I've decided I need to show you the setup of this pretty thing in a separate post than the review because there are so many pictures I want to include, that it would have made for a much too humongous post.

mstrand soap cream moisturizer

One fine day I was walking around Covent Garden when I was drawn in by the most gorgeously arranged little pieces of soap.

When I got closer I literally started squealing a little because of the detail that went into all of them.
I mean,just look!

mstrand soap cream moisturizer covent garden

mstrand soap cream moisturizer covent garden

M.Strand is a handmade skincare brand that make soaps and creams,from what I had the pleasure to see. The amount of care that goes into making, packaging and decorating is simply brilliant and if for nothing else, just go by their stand to marvel at the beauty of it all. It's as if it is pulled straight out of a Hobbit movie, as it has that fairytale look about it all.

mstrand soap cream moisturizer covent garden

The even better news is that they now even have a website, with web store at , but if you have the chance, trust me when I say it will be very worth it to see their stand in person.

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  1. These look absolutely amazing! I'm looking forward to the review to see what you got! xx

  2. omg these look amazing! and the packaging is so cute!

  3. Wow their display and packaging are to die for! So beautiful.

  4. I have never seen such beautiful soaps and I am sure they smell amazing!



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