Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Trind Way of Having Perfect Nails

I don't think you know how inexplicably glorious it is to have everything functioning properly, from laptop to internet connection.
Which also brings me to the fact that my nails are functioning just as well. And this rarely happens in winter. When I say "rarely" I really mean "never" as cold and frost and rain/snow always make sure to kill the balance.
But in the past weeks, I was sent something by the lovely people of Rouge Boutique , whose webshop will launch this month, to try out.
I did and I have never been so impressed!
Forget OPI's Nail Envy ( Which by the way,did nothing for me) because there's a new and more efficient kid in town: TRIND.

trind nail balm nail repair review

They are a dutch brand that specialise in adding that extra bit of unique to their products, that clearly makes a difference. I got to try out their Nail Balm and the Nail Repair polish/base coat.
The treatment should go on for 2 weeks and involves putting on the Nail Balm, letting it sink in for about 2 minutes, and then rub all the excess on and around the nail. The surprising thing is, that while you'd assume there's no way a balm can comfortably disperse within 2 minutes, you will be surprised to see it does. It sinks in and what is left is non oily and non greasy. So a perfect base for nail colour.
Then you add the Nail Repair on top and let it dry. It can easily act as a base coat too.
Much like with all nail treatments, you are advised to repeat them on a daily basis. I'll be honest and say I skipped them at times but I am still very pleased with the results! 

trind nail balm nail repair review

As you can see, my nails are happy and strong with not even a sign of anything pealing, chipping or any other issues. And that, like I said, is a miracle, especially in winter!
Recently I've had issues with getting my nails to grow, exactly because they would chip, but no such issue anymore!

You can easily find more info at and of course you can get them online from the Rouge Boutique Webstore this month.

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  1. Great to see that this brand of products are working so well for you!

  2. That's good to know! My nails are almost always axfoliating, and that's because I abuse them by washing the dishes with the hottest water possible :-s I've tried using the gloves, but it didn't work out for me



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