Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Inglot All-in-One Perfect Face

I am a big fan of Inglot. Ever since finding the lip shade I had been searching for (more or less) half of my life, I've concluded they are my kind of people. That's why, I overcame my fobia of shopping malls and went to the Westfield Mall on a fine day some weeks ago.  This resulted in finally putting together my little Freedom Palette. If you're not familiar with the freedom system Inglot offers, it's very easy: you can pick out any eyeshadow, concealer or lipstick ( maybe even brow colours, not entirely sure on this one), mix, match and put them in one of these glorious magnetic palettes.

So after realising I probably don't need 5 eyeshadows, I added a concealer and a lipstick.
Let me start by saying that the middle eyeshadow colour, a matte taupe-ey brown, had been searched for for ages. But I was sure I would find it in the Inglot range.

The other eyeshadows are a copper shimmer that looks pretty fantastic on tanned skin, and a brown shimmer that works perfectly for me. I mean, you can go insane with these things and make all sorts of palettes for yourself. They come in 1-2-3-4-5-6 and I'm sure even 7 fillable spaces, if not more.
This whole thing cost me around 28 Pounds if I remember well.
You can put them together on their website or in-store. 

Now the lipstick I will show you in a separate "look at how glorious this thing is" post. It is a pink nude that is just right. Looks very natural while complimenting the complexion. 
What I have to say is that even I, with my dry skin, find the concealer to be a slight bit too creamy. The coverage is fantastic though, and I may have picked the slightly wrong colour, since my first choice was sold out.

But trust me, if I just have this palette with me, I am absolutely satisfied because it makes me look great in very few moves.

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  1. Please allow me to bow down at the glory of that shimmery eyeshadow. Beautiful!

    1. It is,isn't it? I love wearing them...not together but still :P

  2. I love Inglot! So far I've only tried their eyeshadows, but the next time I'll have to opportunity to go to their store, I definitely need to check out their lipsticks as well.

    1. AND the lip pencils/matte lipsticks! they're so good!



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