Monday, April 8, 2013

50 Shades of Monday Blues

When I decided to do ombre nails, I figured it would be practical to make them blue,for the sake of Mondays. But then I had to take a moment and wonder if I even had the proper blue polishes to pull it off. I mean, I tend to get a lot of one similar color, like say, stock up on mint and neglect everything else. To this day for example, I still have no proper fiery red and I always tell myself to not forget and go out and get one.It has still not hapened and I've been planing it for about a year now.
But nevermind, I was glad enough I had 5 shades of blue that could make the gradient happen.

And for this to be created, the following have been used:
(thumb to pinky)
- Essie Bobbing for Baubles
- Sally Hansen The Real Teal
- Essence I Love Bad Boys 
- W7 in a baby blue color whose name has detached from the bottle
- Australis Sweetpea

As you can see, a somewhat mint green had to make an appearance. I'm actually wondering if I could make a gradient with just mint shades. I might be shocked to find out I indeed can, but I will let you know as soon as possible.
Do you have any colors you'd like to see ombre-d ?


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  1. i think this design of nail suits blue so well... i tried to do a red ombre thing and it just didn't look right at all! xx

    1. Like I said, I don't even own enough proper reds haha. that's the least frequent color on my nails

  2. M-a amuzat cand am vazut ca si tu ai aceeasi problema ca si mine: cumpar oje care seamana foarte tare si mai ales nuanta de rosu perfect nici eu n-am cumparat-o ma chinui de multa vreme. Ajung acasa cu ceva cu totul neplanificat :))

    Oricum mi se pare super ideea de unghii ombre. O sa incerc si eu dupa ce-mi fac un inventar la oje sa vad cu ce culoare o pot scoate la cap. Si ca tot ne-ai intrebat de culori eu as vota pentru ombre pe mov.

    Te pup

    1. da,si te trezesti acasa total fericita ca ai oja noua si o vezi pe aia care o aveai deja :))

  3. Wow so pretty love this! I too wanted to do this with pink shades :)

    1. Another color I don't have enough shades,or...actually that i don't have enough or at all of haha

  4. Hey, I have a question, who started Monday Blues? I'd like to get email links if I may:)

    1. To be honest, I'm not sure myself,but send over your email here or on a private message on facebook if it's easier for you at and i'm gonna send you all the links and info to join! So awesome you want to come on board!



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