Saturday, January 12, 2013

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review

I finally did it. Went out and got me a BB Cream. I will admit that the real reason was that my tinted moisturizer was all gone and I couldn't find it anymore to restock. So, after reading some reviews, I decided to try the Maybelline 8 in 1 BB cream.
I had tried some Garnier and L'Oreal in the store but they turned all orange and flakey on my skin. This one on the other hand kept its smooth texture and the initial color, which was also a reason I decided to get it

Maybelline BB Cream Review
I had read a review that said that if you want a good tinted moisturizer, this is the cream to get.
It really has a fresh feel to it, like the name says, because it is water based and it makes your skin feel like you just splashed water on it. I really like getting that feeling with creams.

Here's what the 8 in 1 are:

• Blurs imperfections
I'm gonna be honest and admit I don't really have them, so I can't judge if they are indeed blurred or not

• Brightens
It does brighten. I get a very nice glow that lasts for the whole day. As I write this ( because I wrote it last night) it's 7pm and I've had it on since 8am. Skin is still looking nice and bright

• Evens skin tone
Well, it is a tinted moisturizer so it does even things out. But since it has pretty light coverage, don't expect any red spots to become invisible because I don't think it will do that. I only have a more pale color sometimes and it does do a good job in blending that in with the rest of my skintone

• Smoothes
Again, my skin is smooth in itself so I cannot judge if it does or does noth smoothen things out

• Hydrates
This one I can vouch for.My skin is dry and still, I never feel it being dry during the day. Even if I work with one of the worse air conditioning systems known to man, that does nothing but dry anything in its way, my skin has been keeping up quite nicely. 

• Enhances
I'm not sure what there is to enhance. Clearly it doesn't enhance blemishes. Maybe your skin's natural attributes? Could be, but since I'm not sure I'll just keep quiet on this one

• Protects with SPF 30
My skin is a bit olive toned so I never really pay attention to SPF ( I can hear your horror now) but it definitely is a good thing to have in a day cream.

• 0% oils and heavy ingredients
You'd think no oil no moisture and you'd be wrong. By oils they mean the ones that clog pores and give you more bad than good.
As I said, it's water based so it's what I like to call super awesome! It makes you feel really fresh and as if you just put something super light on your skin.
I also have to add, this cream is incredibly liquid so don't think something is wrong with it, but a little will go a long way.

Something for you?

If you like light to medium coverage, yes. Don't expect this to be a foundation. It is a day cream with color that has a great feel to it.
It's obviously not going to hide your dark circles, but then again a foundation doesn't do that either.
I can only agree with the review I read that said that if you want a tinted moisturizer with great ingredients and a great feel to it, this is your cream.

Have you tried this cream yet, or any other BB Creams?

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  1. ahaaaaa so that is why your face looks tanned :))
    si eu am , nuanta universala, din Germania si parca imi inchide tenul . Eu folosesc crema asta inainte sa aplic un fond de ten care e prea deschis pentru mine :))))

    1. Oh that was what you meant by "brown" ? :)) But I've been using this since december, didn't think it was the bb cream that you meant

      Asta e medium care o am eu,mai erau inca doua nuante din cate am vazut

  2. I didn't like this product, I find BB creams to be far too orangey and dark for my ridiculously pale skin :(


    1. This one has 3 tones,which makes it a bit easier to pick, but on the orange side, this is the first BB cream that didn't turn orange on me. I had the same issue with all previous ones x

  3. Great review! I'm not a huge love of foundations as I don't really need them, but this BB cream might be a nice alternative! I received this one the other day, so i'll have to give it a go. :) xx

    1. I'm the same. I can count on one hand the times I used foundation,and I really like what this one does to my skin

  4. I loved this bb cream! I hate wearing foundation, so i haven't for a long time. But this feels so natural to wear! Great review :)

    1. Glad you like! I find it a really good alternative too,because not everyone wants or needs foundation, but in winter, something should protect your skin and make it look more alive :)

  5. I want to try this out so badly! I don't really like wearing heavy foundation so this sounds nice. I don't worry about SPF either since I have a medium skintone.

    1. Medium skintone high five! We probably should wear it tho,since the sun has gotten nuts, but in winter,it really isn't a priority for me



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