Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Nude Look

I really like my face to look as natural as possible, that's why I'm probably not going to wear bright popping colors too much.I'm an eyeliner kind of girl for sure. The lips sometimes make the exception but other than that, I like to keep it natural and glowing.

So I figured I'd show you my favorite way to achieve it.

Step one would be picking a base. Now, that's a personal preference but I never wear foundation and if I wear anything, it's either tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. Since I'm slowly starting to get a bit of a tan, I'm also slowly starting to not use even those anymore. I just use a face oil or moisturizer.
On the eyes  I like to wear beige and copper tones, and a favorite is Catrice Oh it's Toffeeful. The other one I really like is still from Catrice and it's called Mr Copper's Fields. I haven't yet found another eyeshadow that tops it. Either the color isn't right or the shimmer is off. Either way, those two are clear winners for me.  Another thing I never go without is the Eyeko Fat Mascara,  that just gives the most luscious long lashes ever. Even just wearing the mascara alone makes your eyes look 10 times more gorgeous.

On the cheeks I like to use a bronzer or a highlighter,or both.The highlighter of choice is the MeMeMe Sunbeam which basically is the perfect dupe for the Benefit one. And then we have the CK Sun Dance Bronzing Powder which is the most natural looking bronzer I have found.

And for the lips  there's the full on nude option of Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse, which is just perfect for my skintone. It is that sexy retro look that when paired with a smokey eye is perfect for a night out too. For the more tame alternative there's the Max Factor Color Elixir Giant Pen in Mysterious Hazel. It's a very grown-up color, at least that's what it looks like on me, but it completes a nude look perfectly, giving that great little addition of color.

What's your usual look? More on the nude side or definitely more dramatic?  

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  1. Interesting! I'm a nude look girl too, but as i have a pinky skintone i can't rock all those bronzed beauties. Apocalips looks too heavy coverage for me. Great post, thanks for sharing! x x x

    1. I'm more yellow toned,probably the reason I'm a big bronzer fan. But you can definitely mix up highlighters if not. The Sunbeam is more yellow toned, but the Moonbeam from MeMeMe is definitely made for pink :)
      Apocalips has really good coverage yes, but the tone matches my skin perfectly so it doesn't look too slapped on :P



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