Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week In Pictures # 17

The week that started with a beautiful Monday off ended in quite a rubbish manner, with me attempting to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time at night due to a pulsating sinus ache, all thanks to the air conditioning at the office that they really seem not to have any intention to fix, even after almost half of my team has so far experienced one form or another of sinus problems. And yes dearest employers, I do hope you read my blog because I may not continue to work for you if this is your attitude towards people's health. This was one sinus pain too much.But on to much better topics: macarons and sunsets!
We've had our share of rain this week, but as it always is, we got sunshine back and awesome weather. Today I also found out we're gonna be having a nice Beauty Forum ( aka fair) with some really nice brands setting up their stands, so can't wait for that. It's been a full o'pics week so we're going to change the usual presentation format a bit,in order to get all the photos in and not making it look too overcrowded.     

 1. Garden in spring,is there anything better? 2. Freshest mint 3. Nail files from Grace I started using
4. Pretty much summer rain 5. Pink and white salt combo 6. Monday off with breakfast in bed

  1. Fluffy feet 2. Superb Sunset Season is back in full force 3. I could spend days with L'erbolario
4. My friend, the new Cumberbatch fan, stuck this on my milk 5. Best house pimping to date
6. Found myself a nice little macaron provider I'm very happy about

 1. A weird croissant,greek yogurt and brie combo I've learned from a friend 2. If you're gonna be sick, at least be comfortable 3. Le favorite macaron:orange. Surprisingly

And that was all for this week, hope next week comes with much more decongested sinuses and even more sunshine!

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  1. mmmm macarons sunt de la Dana, nu? Presupun ca n-ai ajuns si la Cedratine. Sa vezi ce bune sunt

    1. N-am fost,stau si sufar cu toate caile respiratorii posibile infundate si n-am mai iesit din casa. Poate ajung maine,daca tot ma duc la medic

  2. The macarons look so nice, I've never actually tried one x

    1. When made right,they're so good. Basically buttercream between almond chewiness. Really delicious xxx

  3. Are the macarons any good? I found some new 'supplier' and must try it. Those from 'Little Prince' cafe were pretty meh



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