Monday, May 6, 2013

April Favorites

Springtime means happy face time, because the sun is mild enough to give you a tan while not burning and the light and warmth are just the thing your skin needed after surviving the winter.
Which means last month I was more focused on the well-being of my skin.
A great tip I've picked up recently was to use thermal water after washing my face, in order to neutralize all the nasty things that are lurking in tap water. Like calcar or other substances that only dry your skin out.
It obviously translated into using the Avene and Oxyance Thermal Water. I can obviously not say one is better than the other,and in all honesty, I have not compared their mineral composition. But what I can say is that they both have been nothing but great to my skin.
I love the city rescue line that Oxyance use, because their products are specifically made to save your skin from the uglies of city living. Same goes for their incredibly smelling Lip Balm.

For the body,the Ivatherm Sensitive Skin Body Hydrating Cream is nothing short of spectacular. Zero bad ingredients but also full of thermal water. I'm very picky when it comes to moisturizers and very few things make it on my skin apart from shea butter, but this is truly a great thing. Hydrates properly and doesn't leave that uncomfortable sticky feeling.

The best smeller of the bunch is Lush Ro's Argan. This sample was given to me at a great beauty bloggers event and the second I smelled it, I was hooked. Not to mention it is a whole other level of moisturizing.Am definitely thinking of buying the full size.

And now, for colorful matters. Spring nail polishes are definitely Australis SweetPea and the incredible Bondi Botanical Beauty.Both are such perfect shades to wear this time of year. Bright enough for spring and pastel enough to be perfectly girly.
And the beautiful Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse. Never has a shade suited me better and it might just be the perfect nude I've been looking for.

Of course,let's not forget my go-to BB cream from Mybelline.The only one that really leaves my skin feeling fresh and translates from winter needs to spring needs impeccably.

What about you, what have some of your favorites been?

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