Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OPI Nail Envy - Worth It?

It's been almost 2 months since I got a mini bottle of the OPI Nail Envy, one of the most raved about things in beauty. I had gotten the mini because from the reviews I had read, the opinions were dramatically divided. It was either OMG! This saved my nails or Useless waste of money, so I figured I'd go with the safe side and just pick up the mini for trying.

OPI Nail Envy
Now, I like to think I've had enough time to test it out and come to the conclusion and the conclusion I've come to is the following:  

It did not miraculously turn my nails from brittle monsters to shiny,unbreakable unicorns. There was an improvement, yes. You can see that they are less dry and less prone to break but they occasionally still peel and from a product that has a pretty hefty price tag for a base coat, you might expect more.
Now,as far as base coats go, this is probably the best one to have, because it acts as a strengthener too, but if you go through bases like butter, then it might make a hole in your budget to use just for that.
I'd say try out the mini, see if it works or not for you, and decide after that. 
I will admit, I'm inclined to buy a new mini once this is done, but I'll probably never go for the full size version because I just don't find that it does enough for my nails to justify its price.

Have you tried the OPI Nail Envy?

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  1. I know what you mean. I recently picked this up and I felt that it really did help strengthen my nails, it did not make them unbreakable! (Although I didn't think that it would, but the way some people rave about it you would think it had!)
    I think for me I'd use this as an every now and then to boost my nails strength, not as an every single manicure undercoat!

    1. I don't mind using it,but it's a "stop using me and your nails will die" kind of thing. So it kinda makes you get addicted to it

  2. I was disappointed with it, i bought the matte version, and sadly for me it made my nails brittle, and intead of peeling they would ping off! Had to stop using it :-(
    Great post, interesting to see someone elses experience with it x x x

    1. Oh my,that's awful! I thought the worse that could happen is just for it to not work,really sorry it made it even worse for you :(



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