Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Nail | Essie Mint Candy Apple

To this party I truly am late. Mint Candy Apple is one of those shades that have reached complete cult status for one reason or the other. I hadn't gotten it simply because I felt I had a whole lot of mints in my collection. But who am I kidding, I can always have more mint polishes. That was also the reasoning behind purchasing this particular Essie shade.

Monday Nail | Essie Mint Candy Apple nails gold ring swatch review
The fun thing about it, is that it's mint, but then it's not really mint. And it's different. It's kinda pastel but it's also kinda bright. What I'm saying is that I can get the fascination around it. It's definitely a girly shade, one of those that you can wear if you're a girly girl, but also if you're a cool girl and I'd go as far as to say you can probably pull it off at the office also. 
Not to mention, do you see how awesome it looks with gold?

Monday Nail | Essie Mint Candy Apple nails gold ring swatch review

Of all the Essie formulations I've tried (for they have changed them a lot), this one is one of the favorites. Great coverage, almost not streaky at all on the first coat and just the right amount of fluid.This one and Barry M's Greenberry  have "Summer polishes" written all over them!
I'm also noticing that these two angles are not too  flattering on my  almost paw looking hand but I'm kinda liking playing with backgrounds. I might trade the paw for sequins more often.

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  1. Really pretty blue! Makes you look like you have a tan too :)

  2. This looks so lovely! It really compliments the ring as well. I agree that it's very summery, I'm lusting after Greenberry as well :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Oh it looks so great! Mint Candy Apple has been on my personal little wishlist forever. Why don't I just buy it?!

  4. I just fell in love. Such a unique shade!

  5. OMG defo gonna run out and find me some essie polishes. beautiful summer colour! x



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